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Smart Phones, Dumb People! 7 Cheaters Caught Red-Handed!

by Qunki Team | funny
Home > funny > Smart Phones, Dumb People! 7 Cheaters Caught Red-Handed!

Cheating is very bad in a relationship. it often ruins relationships. But see some dumb people took cheating to next level but caught red-handed through texts.

1 Mutually Assured Destruction!

2 It Can Be For A Sore Throat, Or So Ive Heard!

3 Gotta Keep Those Js Organized!

4 Got Mom Right Where I Want HerNot Where Dad Wants Her Though

5 No One Can Be This Dumb

6 No More Than TWO People Can Be This Dumb

7 Im Not Going To Stoop And Make The Peter Joke Here, Make It Yourself!

8 Twice The Fail, Twice The Price!

9 Amanda Knows How To Play The Game

10 How Does This Keep Happening?

11 Working That Overtime

12 My Personal Favorite!

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