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Photos Of Celebrity Open Casket Funerals That Will Shock You

by Qunki Team | celebrity and gossip
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When celebrities die, unlike ordinary people, there will be many fans for them. And everyone wants to see them one last time. So their body will be mostly kept in open caskets.

In such cases, the body of the diseased will be kept in an open casket. The body will be dressed and made up to look like how they looked in real life. For most people, it will be a great source of comfort and way to see their loved one for one last time.

Celebrities normally like to engage with their fans and supporters. Webinars are a method used by celebrities and influencers to engage with their supporters. There are many webinar platform to achieve this.

Here are some pictures from open casket funeral of well-known people.

1 President Abraham Lincoln

After Lincoln was assassinated, his body was taken to various cities throughout America, so that everyone could mourn for him. This was his wish. Finally, he was given an open casket funeral.

2 BB King

BB King, the famous blues guitarist had an open casket in Mississippi in 2015.

3 Martin Luther King

Martin Luther King, the leader of civil rights, died in Memphis, TN in 1968.In this picture, his children are shown mourning for their lost father.

4 Chris Kelly (half of the rap duo KrissKross)

Overdose of drugs caused his death. Chris was given an open casket funeral. His bandmate, Chris Smith, provided the eulogy.

5 Chris Henry

Chris Henry, who was a wide receiver at Cincinnati Bengals did in a tragic accident when he was 26 years old. His fiance was driving a pickup truck from which he fell. In this picture, his young daughter is shown mourning near his open casket.

6 Bruce Lee

This image shows Bruce Less laid out in his casket before he was buried.

7 Hector Macho Camacho

Hector was extremely popular as a Puerto Rican boxer.He was from the Catholic region, so having an open-casket funeral was the logical choice. Just three days before someone shot him in the face hence, its evident that whoever laid him out is very skilled.

8 Etta James

Etta was a brilliant R&B singer who died in 2012. This photo of her open casket funeral was published in the LA Times, which resulted in a lot of controversies.

9 Bela Lugosi

The actor who was popular for his role as the Dracula wanted to be dressed like a vampire during his open casket funeral.

10 Rudolf Valentino

Rudolf Valentino died when he was 31 years old due to a ruptured ulcer. He was given an open casket funeral. His funeral in New York City was attended by over 100,000 fans. His death news had a serious toll on his fans, in fact two of them were even reported to have committed suicide.

11 Lou Gehrig

Baseball legend Lou Gehrig is pictured here at his funeral in an open casket, with Babe Ruth standing beside the casket as a mourner. Ruth himself went on to have a public open-casket funeral to which 75,000 people came to pay their last respect

12 Mahatma Gandhi

Gandhi is pictured here lying in state after his assassination in 1948. His niece is placing petals on his brow.

13 Jesse James

Outlaw Jesse James is pictured here at his funeral after he was fatally shot in the back by Robert Ford in 1882. One of the mourners in this famous image is Jesses brother and fellow-outlaw Frank James (second from left).

14 Herman Goering

Hitlers second-in-command Herman Goering was displayed in an open casket after he committed suicide using a cyanide capsule. He was found guilty of crimes against humanity because of his role in the Holocaust, in which an estimate 6 million Jews were killed in Nazi death camps. He was condemned to hang at the Nuremburg Trials in 1946, and managed to kill himself just two hours before the execution was scheduled to take place.

15 Edgar Allan Poe

Classic writer Edgar Allan Poe is pictured here after his mysterious death at age 39. The cause of his death remains unknown to this day.

16 Marilyn Monroe

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