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If You Love Her, Lick Her. Why Guys Must Go Down.

by Qunki Team | relationship and lovelife
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If You Love Her, Lick Her. Why Guys Must Go Down.

1 If You Wont, She Wont

Just because you think your pen1s is all that and that its so easy to please, doesnt mean you get to neglect our more sophisticated, complex organ. Want a bl0wjob, you gotta go down on us, too.

2 If You Love Her, Love Her Va9ina

Its that simple. If you love, her, love every inch of her.

3 Dont Make Her Self-Conscious

Men can make women self-conscious about their va9ina by acting as if they dont like the taste or smell. What about your juices shooting down our throats? A milkshake? We think not.

4 Many Women Need C1itorial Stimulation To Have An 0rgasm

A lot of women cannot get off by penetration alone. They need direct c1itoral stimulation, and nothing accomplishes the job like a tongue.

5 Licking Her Va9ina Is The Best For3play

Want her to be begging for your pen1s. Give her some good licking. If shes just laying there breathing normally, amp up your game, man.

6 It Should Give You Pleasure To Give Her Pleasure

Dont act like its a chore, enjoy it. Get right in there and have some fun.

7 Shell Resent You

She may say its okay and that shell do without 0ral s3x, but in the back of her mind shell resent you.

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