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Terrible Cannibal Attacks From The History!

by Qunki Team | wtf
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When the term cannibals come to our years, we think about-about fierce uneducated tribes who kill people when starved and desperate. However, this notion is completely false. In fact, your neighbors or even your friends can become cannibals, and you wouldn't even have the slightest idea. Take a look at these top 10 shocking cannibal attacks from last decade to know more. Note that this isn't for the faint-hearted.

1 I thought he was an alien

Tim McLean, a 22-year-old boy who used to work at the carnival, became the victim of Vince Weiguang Li. He sat beside Vince on a bus. According to Vince, he suddenly started hearing sounds in his head that Tim is an alien and that he needs to protect himself from him. And that's when he did the unthinkable.

He detached Tims head with a knife and then consumed his flesh in front of the passengers thinking that he was protecting them from the aliens.

2 Mamas Boy

Alexander Nikolayevich SPESIVTSEV, also known as Sasha, committed horrible crimes, assisted by his mother, due to which he was declared mentally insane. His mother used to ask young girls for false help, and when they would come into their house, she and her dog would have them cornered. At this time, Sasha would come and kill them by stabbing them continuously. Even worse is the fact after this, they would eat them together.

His main victims included young and homeless children. Hence most of these abductions weren't reported. Thus, it was a long time before people realized what was happening. However, there have been several complaints regarding foul smell coming from his house, along with the loud music. Finally, in 1996, there was a broken pipe in the neighborhood, and the source of the problem turned out to be Sashas home. The plumber was forced to break the door since no one was answering.

Sasha eventually admitted that he had committed 19 murders, however, according to officials, that number was almost 80.

3 Mommy Dearest

It has been seen that sometimes wild animals might consume their young ones they only do this when are starving and are desperate. However, nobody would have expected a human being to commit the same act. But, Li Zhenghua is an exception. A nurse found her attempting to consume her newborn child in a hospital. Fortunately, the nurse arrived just in time to prevent the mishap. She was given sedation, but eventually, the hospital gave the baby back to her.

4 Women shouldnt be sluts, and the rich should know what theyve done.

Yoo Young-Chul, a serial killer from South Korea, was rejected by his ex-girlfriend. She used to be an escort earlier. Yoo was filled with rage, and from that time onwards, he started taking prostitutes to his home and used to torture them and kill them. He believed that he was committing no crime and was freeing this world from sinners. Yoo killed 21 people in this manner. In fact, it is shocking to know that there is a religion called VJ which calls him a saint. The religion also states that Yoo along with other nine people will conquer this planet.

5 Face Off

Tihs even happened in a Wales hotel. Gwent police found Matthew Willaims eating his lover. Her eyeballs and face were almost gone when the police arrived. Immediately, a 50,000 volt Taser was fired at him, which made him unconscious. He was taken to a hospital but was declared dead. Her lover was dead when the police found her.

6 The Bath Salts Zombie

In Miami, Rudy Eugene, who was under the influence of a drug called bath salts, attacked a homeless man named Ronald Poppo. He was vicious and almost tore off his face. Ultimately, the police were compelled to shoot Rudy, or else they couldn't have saved Ronald. Ronald was injured severely, with almost 80% of his face gone.

7 Big Lurch: Its All Bad

The rapper Big Lurch did PCP throughout the night and suddenly had a desire to kill the Devil. This devil turned out to be his roommate, unfortunately, Tyinsha Ysais. Her face and lungs had several tooth marks, which were torn from the chest cavity.

8 A Business To Die For

In Moscow, three homeless people were arrested after they were seen consuming a pedestrian. They even admitted to selling his meat to a local street vendor. This is completely shocking, considering that thousands of people eat food from these vendors.

9 The Fridge Of Horrors

Matej Curko, a father, and a husband seemed to be a nice guy, but he became a cannibal. He searched for victims on the internet, he would set women up with suicide pacts, where the women themselves would agree to die, and if they don't he killed them.

Their bodies were kept in a refrigerator, known as the Fridge of Horrors. A sting operation was set up by an agent, who went through a similar procedure of suicide pact. Suddenly, Matej started shooting at the police. Surprisingly, even after five shots from snipers, he survived. Finally, he died the next day. He was associated with the murder of 30 women.

10 Murderer Released, Eats Friend, Tries Eating Many Others

Peter Bryan was a cannibal. His crimes were horrible. First, he murdered a woman using a hammer. He didn't stop at that, he then proceeded to kill his friend, Brian Cherry, and even cooked and ate his brain. He was put in jail and was then transferred to a mental facility. One day, he was found trying to eat a man. Fortunately, the officials found him just in time, and the man was saved.

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