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Funny Pictures To Entertain Your Brain

by Qunki Team | funny
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Social media and the Internet are one of the best inventions of mankind. While the internet helps you to share everything with others, irrespective of the location of the other people, the social media helps you connect with your loved ones and get to know about their lives even without talking to them a lot. However, sometimes a few funny and amusing pictures come up on the Internet. Considering some pictures uploaded every day, finding these pictures is a tough job. That is why we have created this list of top funny and amusing pictures just for you to keep you entertained even when you are bored. Enjoy!

1 But thats a Tim Hortons.

2 But actually, youre fooling no one.

3 Boom.

4 Oh my goodness, the King has spoken.

5 No chill, literally none.

6 How you feeling? A little pressured.

7 This isnt how all people greet their long-lost friends then?

8 How any Columbus Day or Canadian Thanksgiving should be spent.

9 Baller life, though. No hate.

10 Playing us playing them. But for real, put the price of the PS4 down already.

11 The truth is out there.

12 Dat progress.

13 Not one person wants to read your typo-riddled crap unless it benefits them.

14 So thats what Pops is up to.

15 Suck those kernels right off.

16 And here we have it, folks. The most accurate caption ever.

17 Fancy china tonight, kids. Let me introduce you to a little something called Styrofoam. Sly af.

18 Shit happens. And then you never talk to that person, or look them in the eye at least, again.

19 LOL Making people second guess their life. Ha ha?

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