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10 Innocent Kids Who Have Committed The Most Terrifying Crimes.

by Qunki Team | wtf
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Children are supposed to be the most innocent human beings. However, is it always true? Childhood can be associated with several terms happiness, freedom, innocence. However, there have been cases where kids have committed such terrible crimes that associating them with innocence is impossible. Read on to know more about the top 10 crimes committed by innocent kids.

1 Brenda Ann Spencer

This incident took place in 1979. Brenda Ann Spencer was only 16 years old then, she shot at her school from her bedroom. She managed to not only injure eight people but also killed 2. One can only imagine the kind of hatred that she had for her school to have done such a horrible crime.

2 Bryan & David Freeman

Bryan & David Freeman often called the Freeman brothers were 16 and 17 years old respectively in 1995. That year, they killed their 11-year-old brother and also their parents by stabbing them with a knife. They are currently locked up in prison for the lifetime.

3 Michael Hernandez

Michael, when he was in school, told one of his classmates that he had something interesting to show to him and asked him to follow him to a bathroom stall since he didn't want to show it to everyone. For that unfortunate student, when they arrived in the stall, he stabbed him, and the student died. Later investigations by the police showed that he had several plans to kill others as well, including his sister.

4 Michael Carneal

Michael somehow managed to evade school security and bring guns and knives with him to school. Then he began shooting at a young prayer group. While three people were injured, two unfortunately died. His later response suggested that he probably wasn't in his right mind. He later said that he couldn't believe that he committed such a horrible crime and he deserves to die.

5 Mary Bell

Mary was only 11 years old when she killed two toddlers by strangling and after died, the letter M was carved on their chests. She told the police that she wanted to experience the thrill of killing and that is why she killed them.

6 Eric Smith

Eric Smith, when he was 14, found an 11-year-old kid named Derrick Robieand lured him to a forest. There he killed him by stabbing him and then hitting his head with a rock. When asked why she murdered him, he said that he was frustrated due to his friends and family bullying him and this was in response to that.

7 Edmund Kemper

This incident happened in 1964. Edmund killed both his grandparents because according to him, he was curious about killing and wanted to know how it feels to murder his Grandma. He was arrested but was later released. But he didn't mend his ways even after that. After he was released, he killed eight more women. His mother was also one of the victims.

8 Graham Young

Graham killed 5 different family members and classmates when he was 15. He was declared mentally ill and was sent to a mental hospital, where he killed 70 more people. Finally, he had a heart attack, which took his life.

9 Jon Venables and Robert Thompson

These two teenagers from Britain often visited the mall. In 1993, they lured a 2-year-old kid named James Burglar away from the mall and then killed the poor kid using bricks and iron bars. After that, they just left the corpse on the railway tracks, hoping they won't get caught. This case is quite popular in Britain because people couldn't believe that two teenagers were capable of such a horrible crime at such a young age.

10 Jesse Pomeroy

Jesse was just 15 years old when he murdered eight children and mutilated their corpses. Further investigations increased that number to over 27.

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