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Man Sues Nightclub For Ugly Baby, Alleging Dim Lights Caused Him To ‘Hook Up’ With Unattractive Woman

by Qunki Team | funny
Home > funny > Man Sues Nightclub For Ugly Baby, Alleging Dim Lights Caused Him To ‘Hook Up’ With Unattractive Woman

George Acosta, a 24-year-old man from Georgia, has decided to sue a nightclub in Alaska because according to him, that clubs $20 open bar, couple with the dim lights, forced him to have intercourse with a woman, who was extremely unattractive.

Moreover, that night, that girl got pregnant and gave birth to an ugly baby. Now, Acosta is forced to raise this child and also pay for child support. He believes that the nightclub is entirely responsible for this incident.

Acosta is not only suing the nightclub but has also filled another pain and suffering lawsuit, where he states that he is unable to sleep at night since he often has nightmares about the ugly woman that he had sex with that night.

Brian Phillips, his attorney commented that this was entirely the fault of the nightclub since they should have never opened a $20 open bar and that too with dim lighting. He added that the fact that his client had intercourse with the woman in the bathroom that night is entirely the fault of the clubs security. Finally, at the end, when the lights were turned on, George realized the mistake that he has committed, and this was due to the alcohol he drank supplied by the club.

According to the lawsuit, George needs to be paid $1.5 million in damages by the club. On top of that, he also wants the woman to accept a termination of parental rights so that he no longer has to pay for child support. Acosta commented that he didn't want any of this. What makes it even worse for him is that the child is uglier than the mother. Acosta can't even show the child in public since its humiliating for him. He has also shown a Facebook profile picture of the woman. However, the child's mother refused to answer any questions.

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