Tinder Guy Said She Wasn't White Enough, Her Response Blew Everyone Away

By Qunki Team | wtf

A mixed-race woman recently was a victim of a racist Tinder date, where she was asked to bleach her skin to make its color lighter.

1 Racist tinder date

This picture is a 22 year old beautiful woman named Takara Allen. Since she is from a mixed race, she had to face a terrible incident recently when she went out with his date connected via Tinder.

Her Date stays in Adelaide, Australia. That man commented that Tara shouldn’t take any offense from what he is about to say, but after looking at her photos on Instagram, he thought that she is a bit dark and maybe bleaching can be a good solution. Lighter skin meant that she would be more beautiful, according to him. Tara was horrified after reading this message.

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