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9 Things Women Do That Men Love

by Qunki Team | relationship
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It goes without saying that men and women are different, which often causes men to feel that certain characteristics of women are annoying, for example, is obsessed with shopping. Women are also known to talk too much, get too much into looks, and indulge in gossip. Well, if there are so many characteristics that make women irritating, what is it that makes a relationship tick? Here are a few straightforward yet subtle behaviors women exhibit in a relationship that make men fall in and stay in love with them.

1. Playfully Caressing A Man’s Hair Makes Him Smile

A woman is known to be generally good at expressing affection, and caressing her man's hair during light conversations. Or just out of the blue, is one expression men simply love. The care and the warmth that comes along with the playful touch casts a charm on the man's heart.

2. Resting Her Head on A Man’s Chest Makes Him Feel Safe

A sense of oneness often comes with a hug, and when a woman rests her head on her man’s chest while embracing him, time stops for the man. Men love sniffing the top of women’s hair when hugging them, and it is known to stimulate their calming hormones.

3. Presenting Him as An Important Person in Public Goes A Long Way

Men like to be talked about and taken notice of when out in public. Whether it is a social gathering with friends or a more formal office party, the woman in a man’s life can make him feel important through simple gestures, such as holding hands, subtly praising him, and proudly standing by his side.

4. Texting Him Even on Busy Days Makes Him Feel Valued

When a woman is out on vacation, or goes through a really busy day, and yet finds time to send her man text messages at regular intervals, it really goes to say that she cares. This kind of behavior makes a man feel like he is important to her, and that the care is real.

5. Picking Playful Fights Makes A Man’s Day Exciting

No one likes to fight for real, but a little crazy, make-believe fight never hurts a relationship. In fact, men love when women pick random fights out of sheer light-heartedness. These fights excite and invigorate men.

6. Being A Good Listener Always Pays Off in A Relationship

Men are known to be terrible listeners in general, but many times women are not that great either. A healthy relationship is one in which both sides listen when the other talks. In the case of men, they feel valued when women listen to what they say and participate in the conversation with enthusiasm.

7. Lovingly Staring at Men Makes Them Feel Attractive

Maybe it is not so obvious most of the times, but women do gaze at their men often when they are not looking, or maybe they are looking, but not wishing to scare the women away they simply blush in the corner. Flirting with eyes can be a strong statement from women when she really likes the guy.

8. Nurturing When A Man Is Sick Makes Him Fall in Love Again

A man might get slightly annoyed if a woman fusses over him all the time, but when he is not feeling too well, he clings to his lady love for dear life. The way a woman cares for her man when he is down with something makes him realize why she is the most special person in his life.

9. Giving Advice When Needed Makes Him Partner Better

Women might have a negative reputation about being overly nagging about little things, but men actually value the advice when they are in dire need of one. It makes even more sense to them to ask advice from the women in their lives for the sole reason that women think differently, and thus, can provide a completely different angle to the solution.

Expressions Matter

It is important to a man in a relationship that his lady love knows how to express her affection in diverse and not-so-mundane ways. These definite but straightforward ways in which a woman expresses herself can really go the distance in winning a man's heart. After all, the little things always matter the most.

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