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Foods that cause acne on cheeks

by Qunki Team | health and fitness
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Everyone wants a clear skin that is free from acne. But not everyone knows the causes of acne. Do you know your diet has a significant role in your skin health? If not, continue reading. Your diet is the leading cause of acne. If you take a little care on diet, you can avoid the possibility of acnes to a great extent. Here I am explaining the foods that cause acne on cheeks.

1 Shrimp

Personally I like shrimp a lot. But shrimp and most shell fishes like, crab are the main reason for acne. Shellfish is another source of iodine, which as you know now can cause acne flare-ups. Omega 3 rich fish, such as salmon, trout, and halibut, seem to improve skin issues so consider eating more of these sources of fish instead of shellfish.

2 Dairy products

Diary products are found to be causing acne, in recent studies. Milk products cause insulin spikes in our blood and which in turn causes acne. You can take almond milk, rice milk, coconut milk, or hemp milk instead of cows milk if you want.

3 Bacon

According to Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine, the average American, who reportedly eats more than 18 pounds of bacon each year. So we can say how much we are addicted to bacon. But as per new studies, the high levels of sulfates, nitrates, and sodium found in bacon causes inflammation that can damage skin over time.

4 Cheese

As in the case of milk, cheese also causes acne. So reduce the use of cheese right now if you want to be free from acne.

5 Spicy Food

Spicy foods cause an inflammatory reaction in our body that causes a rise in heat, followed by that spice sweat. The sweat increases the chances of a breakout, and the less comfortable you are with spice, greater the chance for sweat. That sweat triggers oils to be released into the skin and it's those oils which trap the dirt and bacteria which cause acne.

6 Chocolate

Studies suggest that chocolate may make acne worse. Younger people who ate chocolate more saw their average number of acne increase up to 70 %.

7 Nuts

Nuts contain high protein and fat content. So it is not easy to digest. If these fat and protein are not digested properly, our immune system creates antibodies that inflame sebaceous glands and cause pimples. So reduce eating nuts, or try roasted nuts rather than raw ones.

8 Sugar

Sugar is your skin's enemy. Since they easily break down into glucose and result in insulin spikes. Avoid foods that are pro-inflammatory, high-glycemic or high in saturated fats like white bread, candy, fried food, ice cream, fruit juice, pasta, ketchup, cream cheese, jam, pizza, sugar (white and brown), packaged snacks and sodas.

9 Fried Foods

Fried foods contain high quantity of fat which is difficult to digest. So our body works somewhat similar manner to nuts as explained before. Food items containing fat are harmful to our body in many ways. So it is always good to reduce them.

10 Coffee

Most of us like to have a morning coffee. It gives us energy. Unfortunately, it has a horrible effect on your skin. Coffee contains many ingredients. The best-known ingredient in coffee is of course caffeine, which gives coffee its incredible stimulant and mood-enhancing properties. But coffee also contains things like Antioxidants, Chlorogenic acid, Lignans, Quinides, Trigonelline. These chemicals cause for acne in many ways. So if you reduce coffee, that will help.

11 Conclusion

Let us conclude this way. Some foods have a role in acne on cheeks. So better avoid them completely from your diet or at least reduce their consumption.

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