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Teen Dies Tragically During “Running Man Challenge”

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A terrible incident had occurred recently when another teenager lost his life due to the Internet challenge. This challenge is called the Running Man Challenge and is considered to be quite safe usually; in fact, many people have attempted this dancing variation to a song called My Boo, which was a hit in the 90s. It turns out it isn't that safe. The entire incident has been captured on camera.

Malik was only 16 years old. His friends could have never imagined that they would witness such a tragedy when they were filming him doing the Running Man Challenge. They were hoping that this would go viral, but alas, disaster struck.When Malik came out of the bathroom wearing only a towel, he attempted those dance moves, while jumping midair. Unfortunately, he lost control and his head hit the bathroom door. He died at the spot.

People need to think more carefully before attempting anything like this., commented Sandra Johnson, his mother. I cannot get my son back but I hope that others will learn a lesson from this and understand how dangerous these challenges can be. She has also shared a video which was captured when the tragedy happened.

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Check the video below to see Malik in his last moments. Sandra, his mother, is trying to warn everyone about the dangers of such challenges and hopes that you will share this article with your loved ones to warn them too.

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