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Mind-Blowing Facts Everyone Should Know About China

by Qunki Team | facts
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We often can get so caught up in our surroundings that we forget there is a whole world out there. These are facts you need to know about China.

1 Small Nails Keep Chinese Soldiers from Sleeping

In case the Royal Army members feel the need to take a snooze on the job, a tiny nail like the one seen here will remind them that sleeping is not part of the job requirement.

2 China: The Home of the Ketchup

While ketchup seems like it is a thoroughly American condiment, it actually originates in China and was originally called ke-tsiap.

3 Execution is a Way of Life

Perhaps it is the constant struggle with overpopulation that causes this, but China is said to execute four times more people than other countries combined.

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4 Eggs Soaked in Urine, Sound Good?

Yes, your read right. The Chinese boil eggs in the urine of male virgins, and it is a national delicacy!

5 Police Geese are a Thing

Instead of canines that you might see rolling in an American police cruiser, the Chinese law men use geese. Their reasoning: more aggressiveness and more intelligence, if you can believe it.

6 Housing is Far From Elegant

Nearly 30 million Chinese residents live in cave-like dwellings such as the one seen here, barely scraping by on sparse wages from manual labor.

7 Pollution is Bad, Like Really Bad

Air pollution in China is so rampant and extreme that not only does it occasionally reach San Francisco, it is said to be equivalent to breathing in 21 cigarettes daily.

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