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Men Who Ruined Their Lives After Dating Kardashians

by Qunki Team | celebrity and gossip
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Many people have accused the Kardashians of earning money without any talent. However, most people haven't noticed that long list of men that the Kardashians have dated or married have actually ruined their lives, mainly because of the publicity. Take a look at the list of top men whose lives have been ruined after dating or marrying the Kardashians.

1 Kris Humphries

To be honest, we cant be sure whether Kris didn't think of this marriage with Kim Kardashian as a publicity stunt. But after their marriage ended after three months, he seemed rather hurt, which shows that he developed feelings for her. This became evident from the fact that Kris sued Kim for seducing him and convincing him that she has feelings for her. However, the truth is that Kim wanted to earn money from E! by allowing them to shoot their wedding. Kris also said that his reputation as an NBA player took a hit due to the wedding.

2 Lamar Odom

We feel sorry for Lamar since he is a decent human being and is quite caring. He has been into drug and alcohol addiction for the majority of his life. He met Khloe Kardashian in 2009, and after a few months, they got married. While both of them told in many interviews that they thought each other to be their soulmates, in reality, when someone is trying to break through addiction, all this publicity and spotlight will make matters worse. Lamar was seen not only in Keeping Up With the Kardashians, but he was also seen in a spinoff Khloe and Lamar.

Their marriage didn't last long. Khloe isn't alone to be blamed here, but the fact that his career went down and down after their divorce will always remain true. We just hope that Odom can recover successfully and his recovery shouldn't be shown on television.

3 Scott Disick

You can't associate Scott with mature behavior, but it will be unwise not to say that this relationship added fuel to his drug addiction and alcohol abuse. Kourtney Kardashian, his partner, would always forgive him for his cheating or misbehavior, so blaming her alone isn't justifiable.

Disick is one of those guys who just think that he is clever and handsome but the reality is much more different. Also, his refusal to probably watch the show Keeping Up With The Kardashians or not even participating in it has probably brought him a lot of hatred and disrespect. As a result, he has now gone to rehab, and their relationship has broken. We just hope that he will return to a proper decent human after this rehab.

4 Ray J

Ray J believes that his fame came because he is a talent R&B singer, but the reality is that the adult video with Kim Kardashian that was leaked was the only reason why he is popular. In fact, that $ex tape actually kick-started Kim's career, while Ray hasn't been able to do anything significant after their break up.

5 Bruce Jenner

Some people might consider this cheating since Bruce Jenner has now completely transformed into a female. But in the past, when he was still identified as a man, he had a very tough life. His wife, Kris, basically didn't really love him or care for him but only cared about material stuff. We believe that the reason why Bruce didn't reveal his decision of becoming a woman earlier was that it could seriously hurt the Kardashian brand. He never really lived in his way, he used to smile and show everyone that he was pleased and satisfied with his life. Finally, when he couldn't cope with this anymore, he showed the world, Caitlyn. And not only that E! but also released a reality show based on this.

6 Reggie Bush

Although Reggie still plays in the NFL, there is no doubt that after he dated Kim in 2010, things haven't been the same for him. He did win the Super Bowl in 2010 while playing for New Orleans, but he never really regained that same status. After that breakup, he has never really been able to get even close to winning the Super Bowl again.

7 Tyga

Tygas popularity has definitely taken a blow since he started dating Kylie Jenner even when she was not 18. Tyga needs to understand that if he stays in this relationship with a Kardashian, it can seriously make his life hell and his career is going to get completely ruined even before taking off.

8 Miles Austin

Austin, who currently plays for the Philadelphia Eagles, dated Kim Kardashian briefly in 2010 after her separation with Reggie Bush. At that time, Austin was a pretty good player for the Cowboys and was regarded by many experts as a very talented pair. But after they separated, Austins career took a nosedive, and he never really reached the zenith.

9 Rashad McCants

Rasha McCants, the former baseball star, used to be rather talented young NBA player till he started dating Khloe Kardashian in 2008. When they broke up in 2009, his career was completely ruined when he confessed to a cheating scandal in North Carolina when he was a student.

10 Kayne West

We cant say that Kanye's life has been ruined since he is still releasing albums after his marriage to Kim Kardashian, but he has lost lots of fans since people are of the opinion that this marriage was only done for fame. To be honest, we do want their marriage to last forever, but Kayne was mainly popular for being a rebel, and now that he has dated a Kardashian, he has already taken a predictable action, so his credibility as a rebel took a hit.

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