19 Cool Design Features Hidden On Stuff You Use Every Day

By Qunki Team | diy and lifehacks

Every day we use a lot of inanimate objects, or as we see them, things. Mere things that don’t capture our attention and pretty much go unnoticed of their quaint features. However, that doesn’t mean they are devoid of useful features. Most of these objects are very intricately designed and house a lot of interesting features, other than their primary core function. For instance, did you know that the boxes of the chinese take-away food unfold into plates? Read on to unravel more hidden features of some more everyday objects that failed to catch your fancy, but would now.

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1 Straw Holder Indeed! What You Always Saw As Being A Design Flaw, A Hole In Soda Can Tab, Is Actually A Clever Design Choice To Hold The Straw In Place.

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