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When Photoshop Gone Wrong: Hilarious Photoshop Fails

by Qunki Team | funny
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We all have different dreams and ambitions. It might be of going for some adventure or to meet someone we love a lot. Well in this matter, some people fail and remain satisfied if their dreams are not fulfilled. They do so by opting for Photoshop. It is something that has been trending since the time when social networks were introduced. However, there have been a few situations when people easily figured out that the images were edited. Well in that matter, the person definitely becomes the topic of a joke for everyone.

Believable Butt
Body Horror
Weightlifting Photoshop Fails
Bottom Heavy
Cool Race Car
Miley Butt Photoshop Fails
Insane Cleavage
Cloned Crowd
Lohan Curves
Demon Baby
Ms Paint Butt
Flipper Arm Photoshop Fails
Sweet Muscles
Giant Bottom Woman
Kate Walsh Legs
Identical Twins Photoshop Fails
One Leg Babe
Joker Face
Missing Torso
Ms Paint Bottoms
North Korea Fail
Washing Extra Foot
Slim Winslet Photoshop Fails
Mutant Baby Hand
Phantom Hand
Pizza Claw Photoshop Fails
Posing With Car
Missing Breast
Presidents Hands
Very Thin Arm
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