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Myths About Sex and Virginity- Debunked

by Qunki Team | health and fitness
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This is a question that every man wants to know the answer to. Is there any possible way by which a guy can be sure whether or not a girl is virgin? Also it is true that a girl will always bleed during her first intercourse?

1 Myth 1: A non-virgin walks with her legs wider apart.

Fact: A girls physical build determines her walking style how fat her thighs are and how wide her hip bones are. Virginity has no connection with this.

2 Myth 2: You lose the hair between the eyebrows after having intercourse.


Fact: This one is quite weird. How can the hair just disappear naturally?Know that virginity has no connection with the hair between the eyebrows. In case, you notice someone without hair between eyebrows who previously used to have hair, just know that she has plucked her eyebrows recently.

3 Myth 3:A girls fully-rounded backside suddenly flattens after intercourse.


Fact: This definitely isnt true, because if it was then so many people wouldnt be walking around with a round backside! Intercourse doesnt make someone lose the elasticity in the back muscles.

4 Myth 4: A virgins breasts point upwards.


Fact: A virgin can also have saggy breasts; this has nothing to do with virginity.

5 Myth 5: A womans breasts get largest after her virginity is lost.


Fact: A womans breasts swell when aroused, similar to how a mans erection happens when blood rushes to his penis. However, after a time, they are gone. So, its just rude to think that women who have larger chests are non-virgins.

6 Myth 6: A virgins urine is crystal clear and sparkling.


Fact: Wrong. Urine test can never confirm virginity, pregnancy test might. Moreover, virginity has nothing to do with the urine quality, that depends upon your water intake.

7 Myth 7: If a girl is not a virgin, she has a particular look on her face.


Fact: Although many guys believe this myth, it actually is nothing but just a myth. If you follow your common sense, you will realise that virgin or non-virgin look is completely absurd.

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