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17 Images That Accurately Compares Being Single Vs Being in A Relationship!

by Qunki Team | relationship and lovelife
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Being single and being in a relationship are very different. You will have all the freedom when you are single, while you will need to adjust many things for your partner if you are in a relationship. Here are 17 images that depict the difference between single and being in a relationship.

17 When you are with your love time passes slowly.

16 The time spent on the phone call.

15 A universal truth.

14 Cruel Irony (going out single vs relationship rage).

13 Shopping.

12 Let the bush grow wild.

11 Difference between the conversation.

10 Eat the difference.

9 We have got a chart for you too.

8 Also social media react differently to you.

7 Look for the other half.

6 She decides what suits you.

5 Even Pac Man knows the struggle.

4 The bags will change.

3 Valentines day celebration.

2 And innocent activities get a little mature.

1 The naked truth about being in a relationship.

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