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The Exclusive 8 Pictures of Dead Sea Monsters The Shook The World!

by Qunki Team | wtf
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Your parents always told you that there were no such things as monsters, but THERE ARE!

1 Montauk Monster

This strange looking creature showed up on the beach in Montauk, New York, looking part cow, part bird. It was speculated that it was a raccoon but was disproved.

2 Bermuda Bob

Fisherman Ted Tucker came across this creature on a Bermuda beach. There was no mouth or eyes, but it was later postulated that the blob was part of a whale.

3 The Tasmanian Sea Monster

In Tasmania, an 18 by 20-foot creature was found on the beach. With no eyes or a mouth, it was similar to the Montauk Monster and was also found to be a piece of a dead whale.

4 St. Augustine Monster

Two boys stumbled upon an seven tentacled creature on the sand when they were riding their bikes near St. Augustine, Florida. It was believed to be a giant pink octopus that sea lion-shaped head and its mouth was underneath. It was discovered, 100 years late, that it was a dead whale carcass. Hmm there seems to be a theme here.

5 Trunk

Trunko was seen alive, off the shore of Margate, South Africa, where it was fighting with two killer whales, then washed ashore. Beached for ten days, it was given the name Trunko for the elephant-like trunk it had. The 47-foot long creature then went back out to see, nobody ever the white furry creature again. It was the only creature found alive.

It was described as being 47 feet (14 meters) long, 10 feet (3 meters) wide and 5 feet (1.5 meters) tall. Its name was given by a strange appendage resembling an elephants trunk. According to reports, it was covered with a snow-white fur and had a lobster-like tail.

This is the only globster reported as being alive when it beached and remains unidentified to this day.

6 Beast

Looking similar to the Lochness Monster, this serpent-like creature was found by locals in 1808. The 55-foot long creature washed ashore on Stronsay Island, Scotland. With six paws, and bristles going down its spine, the lizard lit up at night when the bristles glowed in the dark when they were wet. Nobody has ever been able to decipher what this monster was, but when cut open, the inside of its stomach was red.

7 The Chilean Blob

In the summer of 2003, a 40 foot wide, 13 tons blob was found on the beach in Los Muermos, Chile. A massive globster weighing 13 tons and measuring 40 feet across was discovered on a beach in Los Muermos, Chile. Given the name, the Chilean Blob, scientists came to the conclusion that it was the remains of a giant octopus, but DNA tests determined that it was the remains of a Sperm Whale.

8 Zuiyo maru Carcass

In 1977, a Japanese fisherman caught the Zuiyo Maru in a net, off the coast of New Zealand. They named it New Nessie (Nyu Nessie) before the captain threw the 32 foot, 2-ton creature overboard. Luckily, they took some bone and tissue samples, noting that it had no dorsal fin or internal organs, but had a long neck and four large fins.

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