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Simple & Effective Methods For Unwanted Hair Removal From Your Body

by Qunki Team | health and fitness
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Everyone tries to look his or her best at all times. While some people do it for themselves, others do it mainly to meet the social standards. However, this isn't easy. Even small issues such as unwanted hair can be frustrating. Companies which are selling the hair removal products benefit from your frustrations.

This article provides you with simple yet effective methods for easy removal of unwanted hair.

1 Recipe #1

Take a handful of nutshells and burn them

2 In case you are wondering, yes it is correct you have to burn the nutshells.

3 Next, add some water.

Now, mix those roasted nutshells in some water, and let the mixture cool for around 12 hours. Dont disturb it.

4 The mixture is ready

Now, just apply the gauze on the part of the skin from which you want to remove hair, and keep it for half an hour. You will notice the results within a few weeks.

5 Recipe#2

This method was discovered in ancient Egypt and is known as body sugaring, which is basically an alternative to waxing only using home products.

6 Sugar.

Take two full cups of sugar.

7 Water.

Next, you need to add 1/4 a cup of water.

8 Lemon juice.

Finally, you have to add 1/4 of lemon juice to the solution. Mix it thoroughly and then heat it till it forms a sort of paste like soft ball of candy.

9 Boil the solution.

Measure the temperature of the solution using a candy thermometer, and keep on boiling it till the mixture is heated to 250F.

10 Apply.

Apply this mixture on the skin to remove unwanted hair. Allow it to cool first before applying. Finally, add thin cotton strips on top of the mixture and keep it like that for around 15 minutes.

11 Pull the cotton strips off.

Similar to waxing, you have to remove those cotton strips forcefully.

12 Less painful.

You might think that this will pain like waxing, but you will be surprised to find that it does not hurt at all.

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