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Images That Will Totally Restore Your Faith In Humanity

by Qunki Team | wtf
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1 Norman Reedus

This little baby wipes the tears of Norman Reedus on television.

2 Least Adoptable Dog

Baltimore Ravens Ronnie Stanley asked the shelter for the least adoptable dog to take home.

3 Police Save The Day

When no one showed up to the party of a little boy with autism, the police saved the day by attending.

4 These Guys Donating Blood

These Muslims broke their Ramadan fast to donate blood.

5 Praying With Customer

Employees at Dutch Bros Coffee, hold hands with a customer and pray for her loss of her husband the night before.

6 Students Fussy Baby

This professor took a students fussy baby, holding it during a presentation, so the student could pay attention and learn.

7 101 Year Old Mom

A mothers love lasts a lifetime. This mother is 101 years old yet she takes care of her elderly son.

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