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10 Signs You Are Washing Your Hair All Wrong

by Qunki Team | beauty and fashion
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Everyone wishes that their hair always looks perfect, soft and shiny. We want to style out hair in all sorts of ways, yet we dont want to cause any damage to it. In fact, most advertisements related to hair products nowadays, are targeted towards this purpose.

But, as we all know, most of these commercial products dont really work. You get upset and move to a new brand and still you have the same result. You just dont know what you are doing wrong. This articles lists the top 10 signs which show that your methods of washing hair arent correct.

1 Drying with a towel isnt the best solution

When you dry your hair with a towel, there is friction which can cause frizzinessand cause hair damage. A better solution is to replace the towel with a shirt or blotting the hair.

2 Greater quantity doesnt always translate to better quality.

Many people think that the more amount of shampoo or conditioner used, the better. But that isnt true you are not in a competition with your friends regarding who uses more, just use a nominal quantity.

3 Scrubbing too hard

If you scrub your hair too much, it can cause a lot of problems making the hair weaker leading to hair loss. Just be gentle so that you dont accidentally cause damage.

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4 From root to tip!

We dont wash our hair the right way sometimes, when we are in a rush. The root is the most important part of the hair, so you need to take extra care. Make sure that you apply the conditioner near the tip and root, to help in better moisturization.

5 Shampoo isnt the best choice

You are probably thinking that all those advertisements that show shampoos make your hair soft and silky must be true. Unfortunately, in the long run that is not true. They do show positive results for a short term, but using them daily can cause hair damage due to the harmful chemicals present in them. Your hair will become dry and it might even cause hair loss. A better option is to just use plain water to wash your hair.

6 Dont always resort to repetitiveness.

The rinse and repeat method may not be the best option. Your hair loses most of the moisture making it dry and it can lead to hair loss in future.

7 No more hot showers

After having a tiring day at work or school or college, when you return home, the first thing that you wish to do is to get in a hot shower. But hot shower causes damage to your hair using lukewarm water is a better choice.

8 Keep track of time when applying conditioner

After you use conditioner, people dont let it settle and they wash it. You need to time yourself. Also detangle your strands when you have conditioner and see the smoothness like youve never before. via

9 Dont condition your hair when its wet

Many people condition their hair after washing even when it is wet. You need to know that it is wrong you should not condition wet hair cause it damages your hair.

10 Cool water

After having a shower, use cold water to wash your hair. You will notice improvements soon.

10 Dont forget to watch this video: Remove Hair Color in 1 Wash Tutorial ?

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