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This Is What Your Chinese Zodiac Sign Says About You…

by Qunki Team | astrology
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Even Chinese zodiac signs can reveal a lot about you. Read on to know more.

13 Chinese Zodiac Signs

You will find two types of people in this world ones who believe in astrology and others who don't. If you fall into the former category, you should know that Chinese zodiac signs can reliably predict your personality even though you were not born in China.

The following chart should tell you which category you belong to. As an example, according to this chart, someone born in 1994 belongs to the zodiac sign Dog. Here, the zodiac signs come from the names of animals such as snakes, ox, dogs, dragons, etc.

12 Rat

People who belong to the zodiac sign Rat are usually charming, compassionate and are great at social functions. They are also quite powerful and are great for business. However, they can also be short-tempered and often get furious at simple mistakes.

Rats can understand anything quickly and have excellent imaginations and intellectual abilities. These people can grasp opportunities which most people will miss. Although these people are opportunists, they are too committed to the fault. However, they take their relationships very seriously.

11 Ox

People belonging to Ox, can handle any tough situations with ease. Hence they are often called as strong as an ox. They know the proper procedure to perform their duties which also earns them huge respect at their workplace and among their friends.

However, this can also be a disadvantage, since they are very demanding people. They only try to meet their own needs and hardly care about others.

10 Tiger

People belonging to the zodiac sign Tiger, are very emotional which makes them excellent lovers. On one side they can be quite competitive, while on the other side, they require love. As a result, their relationships are always flourishing, and never get stale. They give their 100% effort in a relationship and expect that their partners will do the same. They are also very confident.

9 Rabbit

These people are quite kind, pleasant and interact with others politely. They don't want to get involved in controversies or fights. They believe that relationships are significant.

However, they are also easily distracted, when they are looking for fun. They are mainly conservative.

8 The Dragon

Everyone is aware of how dragons behave. They are always filled with energy and have a special aura around them. They are also very intelligent and are extremely talented in their line of work.

They thrive under pressure and enjoy working under challenging conditions, which also makes them short-tempered and loud at times since they don't want to be bound by rules.

7 Snake

The next zodiac sign is the snake. They are very creative, practical and are excellent thinkers. They are very wise and are very methodological in their line of work which allows them to reach their goals without others even realizing it.

They are romantic as well and have a charming personality, but often get jealous of others.

6 Horse

People with the zodiac sign Horse can work extremely hard at work, making them worthy of the phrase works like a horse. They are not afraid to take on any responsibility and will work hard to complete their duties successfully.

However, they prefer working alone and cant work well with a team, since they tend to egoistic.

5 Ram

People with this zodiac sign are everyone's favorites; they love various forms of art such as dancing, singing, painting, etc. and their personality is rather charming.

However, they are pessimistic, and they won't hesitate to complain if they are feeling dis-comfortable.

4 Monkey

People belonging to this zodiac sign are quite clever and have a charming personality. They can also turn any situation into a humorous one if needed.

However, people have a tough time believing them, mainly because they are never serious and are always making jokes. They can also be quite restless.

3 Rooster

They are very well versed in work and industry and can easily explain to others their opinions. They are attention seekers and are easily able to gain other peoples attention.

However, their living standards are above average, but still, they have lots of good friends.

2 Dog

Dogs are known to be loyal and faithful. Similarly, these people too are honest and loyal in any relationship. Irrespective of their career choice or hobbies, they will put 100% effort into anything that they are interested in.

They are excellent friends since they are honest and can be trusted easily. But they don't forgive when their partners make mistakes in a relationship since they often hold grudges until they have been appeased. As a relationship, they are not so successful in long-term relationships.

1 Pigs

We finally have the pigs. People belonging to this zodiac sign can become excellent companions, mainly because they are patient, tolerant, honest, kind and also mentally strong, allowing them to tackle even difficult situations properly.

They also have an excellent sense of humor, but many people misunderstand them. One of their main disadvantages is that they get furious if others don't offer the same kindness that they are offering.

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