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Insane Myths About Menstruation That Many People Believe Are True

by Qunki Team | health and fitness
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When it comes to female things there are many myths around us. Most of them are utter stupid thoughts. Some people still think they are true. But they are not. Here we are debunking some myths about period that most people still believe.

1 Periods And Sharks

Yes blood attracts sharks, but when a woman goes into the water, her period blood does not gush out.

2 Period At The Bakery

This is so untrue, but a great excuse not to bake bread during your period.

3 Red-Heads

It might be funny to think that people get their red hair from their mother having conceived during her period, but so outlandish in reality.

4 Gonorrhea

The only way you contract gonorrhea is to have sex with someone who has the STD, period.

5 Public Water Supply

Unless they are bathing it, they can definitely be near the water supply

6 Heavy Flow

Wouldnt you rather just wear a super absorbent tampon?

7 Wine Into Vinegar

Helpful tip for when you run out of salad dressing. How absurd!

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