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20 People Who Brilliantly Turn Their Scars Into Tattoos

by Qunki Team | hilarious
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It is natural for individuals to get scars on their bodies. After all, they are a reminder of the experiences of their lives. They help the individuals to commemorate their past struggles and learn from them — however, not all individuals like their scars. Many of them try to hide their scars or conceal them. Scars can also be made interesting by transforming them into wonderful tattoos.

Following are some of the ways or ideas in which individuals can transform their scars into tattoos:

1. Tattoo of a burning matchstick:

Individuals who have certain kinds of allergy on their body parts such as hands or legs can make a burning matchstick tattoo to make the scar appear less apparent and more interesting.

2. Tattoo for covering tummy tuck scar:


It is a common problem for most of the women to have a tummy tuck scar. Therefore, they can cover their tummy tuck scar with the help of a beautiful tattoo such as a tree branch tattoo.

3. Covering up a cutting spot with a tattoo:

Cut spots generally are deep scars which are very difficult to hide or conceal. Such cut spots can be concealed by making a scissor tattoo with small lines made beautifully along the cuts.

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4. Covering up a mole with a pacman tattoo:


Individuals who do not like any moles on their bodies can make a cute pacman tattoo to make the mole look more fun as well as interesting.

5. Covering up a stitch scar with a fish bone tattoo:


Sometimes individuals meet with accidents due to which they need to get stitches. The scars of those stitches are very much difficult to hide. Such scars can be concealed easily with a fish bone tattoo.

6. Tattoo for covering up an ear scar:


Scars nearby the ears are easily visible and may look ugly. Such scars can be made fun as well as interesting by making a tattoo bearing some wonderful lines such as ‘Out of order.’

7. Fun tattoo for covering a mole:


Moles can also be made interesting to look at by adding certain fun tattoos which would make them look funny or attractive.

8. Multiple liner tattoos for hiding multiple scar marks:


If there are multiple scar marks then they can be hidden or concealed through the help of multiple liner tattoos.

9. Tattoo displaying shark attack:


If any individual is having a huge scar on his or her body then it can be concealed or hidden with the help of a shark attack tattoo which would make it look interesting.

10. Tummy tucking scar covering tattoo:


Tummy tuck scars can also be concealed with the help of a beautiful tattoo such as the one consisting of butterflies sitting on the flowers.

11. Freedom tattoo:


The freedom tattoo can consist of an open cage which signifies the value of freedom and liberty. This tattoo can be made on large scars which are very much difficult to hide.

12. A sewing tattoo for covering a scar:


A cut mark can be easily concealed by making a tattoo consisting of the sewing equipments such as the needle and the thread.

13. Zipper tattoo:


A scar which has been accumulated due to previous stitches on a particular body part can be easily hidden and concealed with the help of a zipper tattoo. This would help in making the scar mark look interesting too.

14. Feather tattoo:


A previous cut mark on the hand or leg can be easily concealed with the help of a unique as well as beautiful feather tattoo.

15. Covering a scar with a beautifully designed tattoo:


Women having a long scar mark on any part of their bodies can make a beautiful tattoo consisting of beautiful colored tree branches in order to make the scar mark look appealing and unique.

16. The scary eyed tattoo:


A large scar on any part of the hand can be hidden easily with the help of a scary eyed monster tattoo.

17. Covering a spine scar with a zipper tattoo:


A zipper tattoo can also be made along a spine scar in order to make it look fun as well as interesting.

18. Blessing Jesus tattoo:


This tattoo can be made basically at the back of the head or the neck in order to hide a deep scar along the head or the neck.

19. Hiding stretch marks with a rainbow tattoo:


It is a common problem for most of the women to incur stretch marks in the later stages of their lives, especially during pregnancy. So the stretch marks can be easily concealed by making a rainbow colored tattoo on them.

20. Concealing a scar with a Mr. Potato Head tattoo:


The funny character Mr. Potato Head can be easily converted into a tattoo in order to hide certain scar marks in the body.

So, these are some of the brilliant ways to hide or conceal scars easily with the help of tattoos. The art of tattoo making has become a craze among many individuals around the world. So, it is a great idea for transformation of the unwanted scars of the bodies of the individuals into beautiful body art through the help of tattoos.

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