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Things Only Dog Owners Will Understand

by Qunki Team | animals and pets
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1 Chaos Happens When You Open The Door

You open the door and find that your dog wanted to make some changes to your room, and in the process causes chaos.

2 Thunder

This might sound strange cause people think that dogs are very brave, but some dogs are really terrified of lightning.

3 Not Interested

You give them a full plate and they wont eat, but have a tiny piece of food at your finger tip, and the two dogs will be competing for that.

4 Art

Nose prints are all over your room, especially on your windows.

5 Cutie!

And that is absolutely correct! They are adorable.

6 Let Your Dog Sleep On Your Bed

Dont do this, trust me the end result will be disappointing.

7 Crazy

They want you to play with them, and throw it, but try to take it from them, and they will fight with their utmost strength.

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