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30 Most Epic And Creative Toilets Around The World

by Qunki Team | wtf
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In todays world there are a variety of designs for toilets at home. People nowadays design their toilets according to their wish. However, there are certain designs that are so surprising or odd. Let us have a look at some of these weird toilets that have been designed for use.

1 Traffic Cone Toilet

This toilet is basically designed in the form o a traffic cone that we see on the roads often.

2 The Lady Toilet

When sitting on this toilet seat it feels like you are sitting on a ladys lap.

3 Toilet on Mountain

It appears as if the toilet is based on the top of a mountain.

4 Toilet for Music Lovers

This one is designed in the form of musical instruments that are basically dedicated to all music lovers.

5 Classic Toilet for Office

This toilet gives the impression as if you are just in your office.

6 Toilet for Stock Exchange Worker

Ah well! This one is basically dedicated to one who works at the stock exchange office.

7 Programmers Toilet

This one seems a bit odd with a personal computer near the toilet seat.

8 Shame on you Toilet

This one is quite amazing. You can see from the inside but anyone on the outside can not see you.

9 Toilet on Go

This one is a toilet that has no meaning and the question arises who would use it. It is like a car .a tricycle on which is fixed the toilet seat.

10 Booze and Pee

This one seems odd as compared to all other ones.

11 Toilet in a Ship

This toilet gives the appearance as if you are in a ship.

12 Gents Only

This one is solely meant for gents only.

13 Keep Roaming

This one is again a toilet seat on wheels.

14 Seat of Shark Teeth

This seat is designed a s the mouth of a shark.

15 Give a Hand Toilet

This toilet basin has attached hands with them.

16 Toilet for Couples

This toilet has two seats alternately meant especially for couples.

17 Coffin Toilet

This toilet appears to be inside a coffin.

18 Complete Set of Toilet

This one is a combination of two sets.

19 Situation in Corporate World

This toilet seems to be based on corporate world.

20 Open Mouth Toilet

This toilet has the open mouth of a lady.

21 Art Toilet

This one has a good essence of arts.

22 Toilet for Apple Lovers

This toilet is dedicated for lovers of Apple.

23 Toilet for Best Friends

This toilet is meant to be used by the best of buddies.

24 Royal Toilet

This toilet has the essence of royalty.

25 Luxury Toilet

This toilet is a quite luxurious one.

26 Shy person cannot pee

This toilet is definitely not meant for the shy guys.

27 Creative Toilet for Kids

This creative toilet is dedicated solely to the kids and children.

28 Crown Toilet

This toilet seat has a wonderful crown behind it.

29 Informative Toilet

This toilet seat is inside a library literally.

30 Toilet in a Museum

This toilet appears to be inside a museum.

31 Toilets Round The World

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