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15 Cats With Googly Eyes Prove You Don’t Have To Be Purrfect To Be Loved

by Qunki Team | animals and pets
Home > animals and pets > 15 Cats With Googly Eyes Prove You Don’t Have To Be Purrfect To Be Loved

These cats with googly eyes show that they dont have to be purrfect to receive love from others. In fact, these imperfections make them even more adorable and lovable, and these eyes seem to boost their cuteness.

In case you are wondering, the condition resulting in such googly eyes is known as strabismus. Cats who suffer from this condition have a tendency to suffer from diseases such as cancer or nerve inflammation later in life. You shouldnt be concerned if your cat inherited this, but if it developed this condition recently, you should definitely consult a doctor as soon as possible.

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1 This one is a special one.

googly eye cat

2 Cross-eyed cat, completely snow-white in colour.

beautiful cats

3 Signal lost!

cats with blue eyes

4 This cross-eyed cat belongs to one of my co-workers.

cat breeds with blue eyes

5 Derpy eyes!

white cat with blue eyes

6 This cat seems worried.

kittens for adoption

7 Pirate cross-eyed cat!

white kitten with blue eyes

8 This is Sally, the Googly-eyed cat.

blue eyed cat

9 This Googly-eyed cat is Gus.

white cat blue eyes

10 Met this special kitten today.

derpy cat

11 This cat looks like a rabbit!

cat googly eye

12 This cross-eyed cat is so cute!

cat eyes  beautiful cats

13 A friend who works at a vet clinic met this tiny guy today.

cutest cat breeds

14 This cat is so handsome!

kittens with blue eyes

15 This cross-eyed kitten is Burrito

black cat blue eyes  blue eyed kittens

16 Dont Forget To Watch This Video

baby cats for sale  beauty cat  blue cat eyes

Kitten plays hide-and-seek

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