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6 Snapchats That Will Give You All The Feels

by Qunki Team | wtf
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There are several social media websites popular currently Facebook, Twitter, Instagram etc. But among them, Snapchat is currently the most popular among teenagers. Its not really difficult to see the reason behind this. Many experts believe that Snapchat will one day become as popular as Facebook or Whatsapp. Only the future can tell us whether thats true or not. But one thing is true teens post every tiny bit of their lives on Snapchat. Take a look at these top 6 $exy snapchats that are guaranteed to turn you on.

1 Saving what you miss

This teen posted this photo on Snapchat and then tells her followers to save it since they are guaranteed to miss it.

2 Just for a dollar

Betting is quite common in todays world, and often betting is done at various parties. But in this picture, the two girls are making out so that they can get a dollar, just a dollar! Can you believe it?

3 Not fitting

A person should only wear those clothes he or she is comfortable in and one which fits them perfectly this is the most common fashion rule. But sometimes, violation of this rule can lead to some interesting results for example, in this picture, this dress definitely does not fit. It is a great dress neverthe less, and she is looking lovely, but its just that she is having a hard time fitting her breast in it.

4 Going for a swim

This picture was taken just before this girl was going to the pool. It is pretty obvious now that teenagers want to share every moment of their lives on social media sites, and this is a direct proof of that fact.

5 Arrest me please

Nowadays, everyone can flaunt their bodies, so simply doing that wont bring you fame. You need to be creative as well. This dress worn by the lady in this picture not only is perfect for her, but also is quite innovative. I am sure that this has caught your attention, isnt it?

6 Tan


Recently, teenagers have started tanning a lot. Most of them dont have the time to go to a beach and they often visit tanning beds for the same effect. Tanning is supposed to make a girl even more beautiful and that is what can be seen here. In this picture, she slightly slides down her shots, and points at the colour difference there and posts this picture on Snapchat.

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