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Mistakes To Avoid In Bed According To Women

by Qunki Team | relationship and lovelife
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1 When You Finish And Stop

When youre done, she might not be. Dont just act like its over, or worse yet, as if getting her off is now a chore.

2 Attempting P 0 r n Positions

Trying to recreate positions youve seen in P 0 r n can be annoying. Just go with the flow.

3 Spanking Too Hard

Spanking can be ar0using and even fun, but when you leave hand prints, its over.

4 Asking If You Like It

Stop asking if she likes it. Its a sure sign that you know she doesn

5 Asking For A S t r i p Dance

Dont put her on the spot like that.

6 Surprise Finger In The But t

Never do that. Never.

7 Going Down On You In The Morning

Some women are self conscious in the morning. They would rather have a shower first.

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