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Can You Guess Which One is Photoshopped?

by Qunki Team | wtf
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How do we know what we see online is real or fantasy?

1 B*tches Love Photoshop

Why diet, when in an hour you can quickly transform your body like this? Social media never needs to know, right?

2 Cosplay Today

Similar to watching a horror film, the act of cosplay may first start online but tragically plays out in real life via conventions, ALL thanks to Photoshop.

3 50 Pounds Of Fat. . . Gone!

Lets just forget our REAL bodies and settle for virtual ones. . . Shall we?

4 Plastic Surgery. . . Nope, Its Photoshop!

Remove a slight double chin and go from homely to VABOOM . . After seeing this amazing difference, she might be tempted to go under the knife?

5 Dating Profiles?

Wow. . . Instant slim hips! We suppose this is WHY Photoshop is the go to tool for dating profiles.

6 Virtual Makeup: Before & After

Need a quick beauty treatment for your social media page? No problem, Photoshop will save you money!

7 A Slight Tweak

When you do an improvement tweak with Photoshop, itll bid you time to workout before your cosplay convention. . . Nobody needs to know. . . Right?

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