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10 Crazy Roommate Confessions That’ll Not Allow You To Have Any Roomie

by Qunki Team | funny
Home > funny > 10 Crazy Roommate Confessions That’ll Not Allow You To Have Any Roomie

If you are living away from your own home with other people, you know that roommates can often be weird. You will often find them eating your food when you are not home, or speaking with their friends loudly on the phone. If your roommate does these often, then you get irritated quite a lot. This article lists the top 10 confessions from such roommates, which are bound to resent living with your roommate in the future! Read on to know more.

1 So is toothpaste the latest trend for taking revenge nowadays?

2 There is a special place reserved for this person in hell.

Seriously, why would you snipe out someones hair in that fashion?

3 I wont lie, this has happened to me as well.

You would be surprised to know the amount of crazy stuff that drunk people can do.

4 This means trouble.

I would be extremely embarrassed after such an incident.

5 OMG gross!

6 Could this have been any weirder?

Not sure how I would have reacted.

7 You should definitely try this out if your roommate steals your food.

8 This sounds like trouble.

9 Drunk people again.

Drunk people are never under control.

10 This could definitely become awkward.

Who knows what will happen in future?

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