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You Need To See The 20 Weirdest Things That Exist In Japan

by Qunki Team | wtf
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Several weird and awkward things happen in Japan this fact isnt new. If you are staying in Tokyo, you might think that you are in a dream the first few days. Some of these things are great, while others are really awkward.

Take a look at the top 20 weird things that happen in Japan below.

1 Kanchol

Kanchol is practised in Japan, where you make a pistol shape with your hands and place it in such a way as if you are trying to shove it up someones ass.

2 Cuddle Cafe


This costs 6000 Yen, and will allow you to cuddle with a stranger for an hour.

3 School Janitor

You would be surprised to know that there are no janitors in Japanese schools. After the classes are over, it is the duty of the students to clean the school.

4 Sleeping

Unlike other countries, falling asleep at work isnt frowned upon, in fact it is commendable, since people think that you are too tired from working hard.

5 Blackface

Blackface is an event in Japan, where people dress as black men. The main reason is to show the world that beauty standards that state that white skin is better than other colour are completely wrong.

6 Adoption

Adoption of adults is allowed in Japan, since several couples are too old, have no children, and would want someone to run their businesses under their names.

7 Naked Festival

Hadaka Matsuri is a naked festival which takes place in Japan every year. According to the Japanese, this festival brings them good luck, and more than 9,000 men participate every year.

8 Suicide Forest

Aokigahara, known as the the suicide forest, is located in the northwest of Mount Fuji of Japan. As the name suggests, the place is rather famous for the high number of suicides that have taken place in that area.

9 Rabbit Island

kunoshima, known as the Rabbit Island, is an island in Japan, whose entire population consists of only rabbits. People can go for hiking or camping, but they dont live there permanently. These rabbits were taken to the island during the wars for experimentation, and gradually those grew in number and completely inhabited the island.

10 Banishment Rooms

If an employee is fired in Japan, the company has to continue giving him benefits. Hence, the Japanese dont fire their employees but resort to a different tactic. They are moved to banishment rooms where they are asked to do very intensive tasks or boring tasks such as staring at a CCTV camera all day long. Needless to say, the employees quit soon after.

11 KFC

Since Christmas isnt that popular in Japan, most people visit the KFC restaurant on that holiday to enjoy fried chicken.

12 Escalators

The shortest escalator in the world is located at Japan and is only 83.4 cm tall, or 2.7 feet.

13 Tipping

Tipping is forbidden in Japan, and if you do tip, many workers consider that as an insult.

14 Game Shows

Japan is well known for its game shows. Some of them can be really weird in this picture two women are blowing into a pipe with a cockroach to try and force the cockroach into the other persons mouth.

15 Teeth

Crooked teeth are actually considered a fashion trend in Japan, especially fang-like teeth. And the Japanese dont hesitate to spend a good amount of money to possess these teeth.

16 Birth

You would be quite surprised to know unlike other countries, Japanese parents often keep the umbilical cord of their baby, since it represents the connection of the baby with his or her mother.

17 Puffer Fish

The Puffer Fish is one of the deadliest creatures to eat, however, Japanese enjoy eating this fish so much that it is still served in every Japanese restaurant. As a result, for their safety, the Japanese chefs spend a lot of time learning how to properly prepare this dish.

18 Love Motel

There are love motels in Japan, and their purpose is pretty much exactly what the name suggests. These are quite cheap, and you can pay for an hour or more to have some fun together with your partner.

19 Depression

Japanese men who are depressed often lock themselves in their houses for long periods of time, or in extreme cases, till death.

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