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14 Posters That Explains Your life ‘In A Relationship Vs After Breakup’

by Qunki Team | relationship and lovelife
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Being in a relationship completely changes one's life. Even every aspect of their life changes. Everything me becomes us. You share everything with your partner. Also, at a point in time, you know every single thing about your partner, as if you two were a married couple. You become so used to each other than cannot live without each other.

Then comes another thing that changes your life, the breakup. The sorrow is very difficult to deal with. So, here we depict the change in the scenario from in a relationship and break up through these hilarious posters:

1 You get infuriated seeing his dirty clothes lying on the floor when in a relationship.

2 While after breakup, you get emotional and remember him seeing it.

3 You do things he likes to generate good memories when in a relationship.

4 While post-breakup you realise how much you hated those things.

5 While in a relationship, you fight oven every little thing.

6 Whereas after the breakup, you seek the peace of mind.

7 Before thebreakup, youre not really interested in his daily life.

8 But post-breakup, every girl he talks to makes you jealous.

9 You stop getting free drinks while committed.

10 Whereas, after thebreakup, it starts again.

11 The nicknames you loved while in a relationship

12 You start hating them after thebreakup.

13 You were constantly making plans while in a relationship

14 Whereas post-breakup you realise how easy it was.

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