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6 Things She Wishes You Knew About Her Playing With Her Ta-Tas

by Qunki Team | relationship and lovelife
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Every man loves breasts. For women, its kind of complicated, but when they are in the bedroom, everyone loves playing with them. Some men even consider them as breast men cause they love playing with them so much. However, how much knowledge do you actually have about breasts? Do you know that some women are actually turned on if they breastfeed men? Also, sucking breasts is one of the best ways to get her turned on. Read on to know more.

1 No Biting!

Some women have very delicate breasts, while others have tougher breasts. Hence, its better if you assume that your partners ta-tas are delicate and dont start biting them. Of course, if you know that she is into that sort of thing, feel free to chomp away!

2 Dont Expect to Arouse

Sensitivity varies from one woman to another. For some women, sucking their breasts can immediately arouse them, while it might do nothing for someone else. Hence, its always best if you keep your expectations for the worst, and dont worry even if sucking breasts isnt turning her on.

3 Try To Suck More

Women actually enjoy men sucking their breasts during foreplay. Also dont forget to touch her breasts delicately which should arouse her even more!

4 Breastfeeding is not a problem

I know many people will find this rather weird but some women actually like to breastfeed men, while there are some men who prefer to be breastfed by their partners. If your partner is interested in that sort of thing, there is no harm in trying that out.

5 Try To Be Delicate While Sucking, Dont Suck Too Hard

Remember that you shouldnt suck too hard, your mouth is not a vacuum. Some women can be quite delicate and only need a little bit of sucking for arousal. When you suck too much, it can actually cause pain, running her mood.

6 More touching is better

Women are not only aroused by breast sucking, but also by breast touching. When you are having sex, dont forget to caress your partners boobs which should help in her arousal. You should play with them as you want, dont be scared!

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