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Some Sudden Realizations

by Qunki Team | funny
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As rightly said by Tom Hanks in and as Forrest Gump, Life is like a box of chocolates, you never know what youre gonna get next.

Life is very unexpected. You cannot always plan it the way you want to. Sometimes, you do get what you wish for in an expected way. However, sometimes you may get it in a completely unexpected way. But those surprises and sudden Realizations do give you ten times more happiness, as when you are expecting things the way you want them, you get disappointed when they dont go your way. But sudden realizations can also give shock. In whichever case, the expressions of the person getting surprised are rather interesting. So, here we have some photos of such sudden Realizations:

1 Those Rumors

It seems like the rumors were true after all. Her face says it all.

2 Who Let The Dogs Out

Thats the thing with songs that dont have an obvious meaning youve been listening to them for years but that epiphany suddenly hits you.

3 Pharrell Through The Years

I just realized that Pharrell hasnt aged in 23 years and Im starting to believe he might be a vampire.

4 Not A Skirt

We were convinced that Arnold was wearing a skirt, but now it all makes sense!

5 Lowered Expectations

We used to have a lot of dreams years ago but then reality hits us.

6 Office Party Photo

Just keeping it professional, boss!

7 Your Childhood Is Over


Time flies, doesnt it? Just take a look at the Harry Potter cast if you dont believe it.

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