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Great Tips for a New Relationship

by Qunki Team | relationship and lovelife
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Relationships have a very crucial role in everyone's life. But It is not easy to make or maintain a great relationship.

Whether it's with your children, friends, family, your colleagues or your partners, here are some tips to build a strong relationship

1 Real love isnt like the fairytales:

Be cautious with your perception about relationships. If you think that your Prince charming will kiss you and your life will completely change for the better, you are sadly mistaken. Real love isnt like that. Make sure that you have the time and energy a healthy and happy relationship requires.

2 Jealousy in a relationship is never good:

Your partner may be having friends and associates who make you jealous. It may also be an ex still in touch or anyone else youre jealous of. If you do feel it, the first thing you need to understand is that jealousy will get you nowhere and chances are that your partner isnt even aware of your jealousy. Have a mature conversation with him or her and in a calm way, talk about your insecurities.

3 Learn lessons from mistakes in past relationships:

Though its not good to always live in the past, learning the lesson from past mistakes is a good habit. Maybe you were very casual, didnt devote much time, or were too clingy in a past relationship. Maybe you were insecure, jealous, or took him or her for granted. Whatever it was, do not do this in your new relationship and start afresh.

4 It wont be as fast as shown in movies:

Love is not actually like the story of a Nicholas Sparks novel or a Nancy Meyers movie, it needs work, time and honest commitment. Dont hurry, let things move at their own pace. Confess your love only when both of you actually feel and mean it, dont hurry or else you will ruin everything.

5 Dont try to control each and everything:

The beauty of a relationship lies in spontaneity and surprises. It is indeed very natural to feel possessive in a new relationship, but remember that too much of possessiveness and the urge to control everything is not good in a long run. It wont let the relationship mature. It may also cause trust issues or other problems later and so relax, enjoy the perks of a relationship and learn to go with the flow.

6 Keep living your usual life:

Though a new relationship deserves your time and energy, you dont have to devote all of it to your relationship. Dont stop living and enjoying your life and dont even expect your partner to stop his or her. Irrespective of who you are dating, you should pursue your interests, hobbies, and personal goals.

7 Take your own time to build:

There is no need at all to rush things. Let your relationship progress at its own natural pace as you start loving and respect each other. Though the movies and TV series show this, dont be in a rush to commit or be intimate. Both of you will know when is the right time to get intimate.

8 Your friends opinions do matter:

Though you may easily get swept off your feet in a brand new relationship. But this doesnt mean that you leave your friends and family suddenly out of your life because of a new love interest. Instead, you should make your partner meet your friends and become a part of your friend group. If you feel the need to drift your partner away from your friend, rethink your relationship as there is a problem.

9 Be on the same timeline:

There are many reasons why people date. You may be wanting to keep things casual, whereas your partner may be searching for a spouse. Thus it is very important for you two to be on the same page. Know what you want and what your partner wants from the relationship. It is better that you both know from the beginning what you want from the relationship rather than knowing at a later stage after investing a lot of time.

10 Set crystal clear boundaries:

Never be involved with a person who pushes you into things you dont want to do or disrespects you. If you see yourself compromising comfort levels or beliefs, then you need to rethink yours. Set your boundaries and make them very clear to your partner and respect his or hers. If you find yourself uncomfortable in the relationship, its time to put an end to it.

11 Get this clear that no relationship is perfect:

A relationship wouldnt be strong without imperfections. They are the very essence of relationships. Arguments and disagreements are very natural in relationships and actually strengthen them. Also, dont worry about occasional fights.

12 Be comfortable:

You spend entire hours to get ready for the few if your first dates with a cute and charming guy, try to eat something very light like a salad when you go out to eat with him and keep checking your makeup in the store window while hes not looking. Huh, ladies? Dont you do it? You do. You need to realize that you wont and cant keep doing it forever. And on top of it, your partner isnt even asking you to take so much of trouble. Comfort is crucial for any relationship. The more open and comfortable you are in your relationship, the better it gets. Just be yourself, and let your beau enjoy, acknowledge and respect you for what you really are.

13 Dont over-share:

Though it is important to share things and feeling with your partner in a relationship, dont over-share. In the early weeks of a relationship nothing is concrete, so be careful about your moves. Until you gain trust in your partner and know that its for a long term, dont share your personal details.

14 Pay attention:

A new, or even old relationship for that matter of fact, needs a lot of attention. Pay due attention to your partner, get to know about them and be an active part of their life and the relationship. Get to know about his or her lives and dislikes, make him or her aware of yours. Know him or her as well as you know your best friend.

15 Leave your ex completely out of it:

If youre still regretting of reminiscing your old relationship, your new relationship most probably wont be a healthy one. Let it get and fully enjoy your new relationship. If you dont want your present boyfriend or girlfriend to become your ex, dont cling on to your past relationship and focus on the present one.

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