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15 Hilarious Letters Of Resignation That Show You How it is Done

by Qunki Team | funny
Home > funny > 15 Hilarious Letters Of Resignation That Show You How it is Done

Usually we consider resignation as a formal procedure. But some people consider it as a way to show their creativity or their hate towards their boss. Check out some of them

1 Ending work on a sweet note

2 More cakes, but this time it’s following dreams.

3 A resignation letter or a gift?

4 When your reasons come from the heart…or a few inches below.

5 To those bosses who don’t get a hint.

6 You don’t want to piss off the gardener.

7 When not being punctual pisses the employee off, not the boss.

8 Hacking your boss’ system, like a boss.

9 Leaving honest feedback.

10 Criticising your bosses criticism.

11 The real drama that happens at the theater.

12 What’s on the menu today?

13 Cup cakes for everyone!

14 When you’re moving to the World of Warcraft.

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