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A Thief Kept Stealing Their Packages, So They Came Up With This Epic Revenge Plan

by Qunki Team | wtf
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1 Toms Packages Disappear


Tom Mage noticed this that the packages which were supposed to be delivered to him at his house kept on mysteriously vanishing, and thus he assumed that they had been stolen. But when he talked to his neighbor about this issue, he came to know that it was a very widespread problem. That is when he decided to take matters in his hands and take revenge on the person suspected to be the thief

2 The Gift Box


Commencing with his plan, Tom set a booby trap for the thief. He filled a good looking gift box with a whole ton of crap. He set up the surveillance cameras he had at his home to keep a close eye on the front yard. He also had another big surprise in the box.

3 Detonation Device


He tested it to be double sure that the detonation device he had would explode after 40 seconds of activation. He placed that too in the gift box.

4 The Thief


Briefly after this, a car pulled over. A man approached the porch and picked up the present. Tom instantly recognised him when he saw his face. Since it was programmed in such a way to be triggered 40 seconds later, Tom had a thought that he would not get to see the explosion along with its consequences.

5 Bam!


But he eventually did!! The man quickly jumped out of his car and threw the box on the floor. He looked sick, we wonder why And thats how all of this box stealing fiasco came to an end. Were quite sure that he wont care to come back for more such boxes of crap!

6 Video:

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