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10 No-Dieting Ways To Lose 5 Pounds In One Week

by Qunki Team | health and fitness
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Almost most of us want to look slim and trim. When we want to shed those extra pounds of flesh in our body, we want it to happen automatically or minimal effort from our side. We do not want to stop eating our favorite foods in abundance. We do not want to go in for a gym regime or walking. We have our excuses for everything that is recommended by others for losing weight. And we are right with you when you say all the above. For losing weight, there are many natural and healthy ways one can choose from. What matters is that we choose the right thing and stick on to it. Here are ten options you can choose from to lose 5 pounds in just a weeks time. Here we go.

1 Eating 3 meals and two snacks a day is okay

We suggest people get into this pattern of eating, so they do not grab in for anything that comes their way not minding about the health aspect just because they are hungry. Instead of pressurizing yourself with such adhoc eating and spoiling the health, have your breakfast, lunch, and dinner on time. In between breakfast and lunch, insert a healthy snack that will be both fillings as well as energizing. In between lunch and dinner which is a huge gap again insert a healthy snack that will take you through the bigger gap till dinner. This will be manageable for the busy bees as well as people who are unable to follow the advice of diet programs to go in for multiple meals in small size every day for practical reasons. Making the body clock accustomed to an eating pattern including timings is itself a huge success in your attempt to lose weight.

2 Water Therapy

Drinking enough of water is the key to remaining healthy in a huge manner. While water is known to flush out toxins in the body, they keep our Liver and Kidney in good health making them perform perfectly. Many times we misunderstand thirst for hunger and keep eating to manage the same. Instead, if we drink water during the non-meal or non-snack times, it not only adds value to the body as a whole but also prevents us from putting on weight. Remember, water consumption helps the digestive system work properly converting food into energy while making it feel hydrated.

3 Track your fitness

Having an objective is the basis for losing weight. The objective can be based on regular exercising in a professional manner under a dedicated Trainer at a gym or your place of choice. The objective can be to work out or just walk the distance out regularly to lose unwanted flab in the body and look chic. Whatever may be the objective, have a clear cut plan and use a tracker to keep a tag on the same. You get many of these trackers that track how many steps you walked or climbed in a day, whether you slept well during a particular night, how many calories you added to your body during a given meal etc. Make good use of them and keep a tag as to where you are heading to from time to time. Fitness tracking helps you move towards your objects in a fast paced manner.

4 Ensure your plate has healthy foods

We don't feel the necessity to tell you which are the good foods we are talking about. It is up to you to decide which foods are high in nutrients and which are junk. One thing we are sure about eating habits is that when you stop giving in to temptations, good food becomes your choice automatically. Good foods not only takes care of your physical health but also ensures your life span in increased due to the mental peace your experience through good health. When good foods fill in your plate automatically driving away bad foods also happens all by itself.

5 Get involved in sports

Many of us do not want to opt for severe physical workouts and gymming. However, most of us would love to play a sport. Make use of this simple desire or inkling to lose at least 3 pounds a week for sure. Start playing sports that are of your interest. This can be anything right from a casual every play at fixed timings in a club or neighborhood to playing for a local team which would motivate to work harder to win for your team. This will also drive stress away from you making you stress-free. Remember stress causes obesity and so by getting relieved from stress you are automatically helping yourself to get into the safety zone effortlessly.

6 Distance away from Sugar

Sugar increases body weight. You may come across many chocolates and sweets that claim them to be sugar-free. However, when these are consumed our bodies automatically convert them into sugars which add fat to the body. If you are fond of sugars or sweets are your favorite foods, try to get down on them slowly and steadily, so you don't feel deprived. Feeling of deprivation may increase the craving for sweets pulling you away from your objective to lose weight. If you feel you have achieved your target and still have that little craving for sweets, eat them but in reduced quantities highly conscious of the weight they can add to your body

7 Walk for an hour every day

Walking is a wonderful exercise. People who despise walking as an exercise can go in for walking in a slow but rapid pace for an hour every day. Go with a friend chatting good old stories or hear your favorite album walking the distance. Select a route that provides nature at its best soothing you with the fresh fragrance all around you throughout your walking space. Walking for an hour a day regularly will get you back to your normal shape and weight

8 Yoga can help you

Yoga is a natural and safe way of losing the pounds you want to drive away from your body. There is no artificiality in yoga, and it does not make your body do anything that is unnatural. Regularly practicing yoga that complements to cardio health helps you shod the excess weight in an easy and enjoyable manner. Yoga gives all the stretches and flexibility to your body as well as the mind that it increases your focus and empowers you to retain the nourishment you need for being healthy in an efficient manner. Seek the advice of a professional yoga practitioner and understand the Yoga exercises you need to practice regularly to meet your objective. Ensure you do these in the prescribed manner regularly

9 Kick those junk food and fast food away

MSG, Transfat and hydrogenated oils are the prime enemies for losing weight, but these, in turn, add bad cholesterol to the body making it bloat in size. Junk foods and fast foods are found all around us and even when we don't want to indulge in them, people around make us snack on them. Zeroed out on the nutritional value these junk foods spoil your body metabolism to a great extent making you feel lethargic to get indulged in any productive activities. Cut out on such junk and fast foods and activate your metabolism to achieve your objective to losing weight.

10 Build more muscle reducing on fat

Do everything possible to burn fat and to get lean muscle at the same time. Getting lean muscles and burning unwanted fat does not help you shed weight but helps you maintain healthy body structure. Understand from a workout professional on exercises that would tighten your muscles giving the body the perfect health and structure while at the same time burning the excess flab accumulated in the various parts o the body. A fat measuring scale can help you keep track of the fat you are shedding periodically, so you know where you stand regarding losing weight at any point of time

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