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Here Is Why Guys Prefer Older Women

by Qunki Team | relationship
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Every one of us has the choice of choosing our partner according to our requirements and the qualities we would like to see. However, since we all are living in the era of modernization and the phrase which says that age doesn't matter in love has become quite famous among people, the guys have started a new trend where they are now dating an older woman. Well, it's not a bad thing and everyone has the right to make their own decisions. Since the older women are now maintaining themselves in such a way where they still look young, this has caught the attention of a large number of men.

Im a very attractive young man and I like dating older women to see the jealous looks we get from younger women. 😈💁🏻‍♂️
Younger women cannot compare to older. Once you start dating older women, its hard to go back. Theyre mature, interesting, and drama free. Dont know if its age or how they were raised.
I prefer dating older women, they have already been through shit so I dont have to worry too much
I honestly prefer dating older women more then women my age.
I prefer to talk to and dating older women 24 m
Ive decided that from now on I am only going to be dating older women. I need someone more mature in my life.
I like dating older women because Im a lawyer who works long hours and I need someone whos also busy and not overly clingy.27m
Dating older women is more fun.  They’re more freaky. And open.  Done having kids. And not as boy crazy or legit crazy
Im 21 but just need maturity when I date, recently found myself dating older women so I can have someone on my level, I feel different to people around me
I kinda wonder about dating older women because younger women either ask for money for their intimacy, or are way too focused on looks to accept my 7/10 face
I like dating older women.. we out got have a couple drinks.. and if we like each other... sex
Ive been dating older women lately and i think im falling in love with someone 20 years older than me. She is perfect. Beautiful, smart, and a better body than most girls in their 20s.
I enjoy dating older women and getting to know them
Starting to think I should be dating older women, instead of women my ageIm such a homebody
Ive been dating older women all my life.
I like dating older women. Maturity is a great thing.
So, for the past year Ive been dating older women, and I gotta say, I love it. So much easier to talk to, and straight to the point ;)Already setting my sights on another one.
I’m 27M But I prefer dating older women... 32+ they’re more mature and don’t play games is this weird? I find myself better received by them as well versus younger or same aged women 🤷🏻‍♂️
I remember being in high school dating older women it was awesome 😎
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