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9 Parent Texting Fails That Will Make You Cringe!

by Qunki Team | funny
Home > funny > 9 Parent Texting Fails That Will Make You Cringe!

Texting fails can prove to be a nightmare, but sometimes, they can be hilarious too, especially if these happen to some other person. However, when these happen with your parents, the situation can be extremely awkward, and you try your best to remain as clean as possible. Take a look at these 9 texting fails from parents that are weird as well as hilarious.

Keep in mind some of these can be too weird.

1 I cant believe its you Mom.

2 These autocorrects are hilarious!

3 Here we go again one more time.

4 Do you find this funny?

5 Well that didnt turn out to be so good.

6 How can she send this to her son?

7 Well, mother knows her daughter very well.

8 Was that grandma?

9 You just had to say oops.

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