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21 Epic Panoramic Fails That Will Make You Laugh

by Qunki Team | funny
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When will humans learn to stand absolutely still? After all, we are the creatures of evolution and these panoramic picture fails famously prove a point that maybe we are just aliens! Can we contact Men in Black! LoL

1. Mom just cartooned herself in epic cowboy style. Minus the pistol of course.


2. That cat looks like a creature from hell or wait a Chinese paper lantern on the floor.


3. We got the hound of Baskerville finally!


4. This is what happens when a centaur decides to go for a party and get drunk. Did he just leave Narnia we wonder!


5. Ah! The viral click of a cheating bf, he is definitely dating the twins.


6. Elastic girl could not resist taking a selfie on a mission.


7. Professor sure knows the dynamics of physics.


8. A hot dog got in the way of a rather boring shot.


9. We have a murder scene just like Texas Chainsaw, multiple body parts flying.


10. We just spotted a modern centipede on the street checking out his mobile.


11. This punk just got electrocuted.


12. Now we know what it means to bend and snap for a picture!


13. For a moment we thought that was Ariana Grande back with her pony tail!


14. Aww! Bruno finally found his long lost twin brother.


15. No unsolicited d*** pictures please!


16. New meaning to riding on a pony.


17. Yes! Now that’s what we call an alien boy. We knew there were other species visiting us in disguise!


18. Worst nursery rhyme coming to life – London Bridge is falling down!


19. Enjoying on the beach alone, try not to laugh!


20. Now we know who got a Brazilian butt job epic fail!


21. We just hope you never get caught up like one of these cruel jokes! Meanwhile stay still as you say cheese!

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