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14 Bizarre Devices Our Great Grandparents Were Actually Using.

by Qunki Team | wtf
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We are living in a generation where we have all type of facilities to live a great life. We have many types of devices to make our life easier and better. Think about our grandparents or 2-3 generations before them. And think about their life. They don't have smartphones or any devices we use now. But still, they made devices that would help to make their life better. Here are some of the devices they were using. Can you guess what they are used for?

1 Fancy chamber pots.

2 Fancy teacups made for people with mustaches.

3 This fancy back scratchers.

4 This anti-masturbation device.

5 This dance card that was used to record who the men danced with.

6 This flea trapper.

7 Another fancy chamber cup with a napoleon inside.

8 This fancy poser.

9 A shaving stand.

10 This very sharp and metal toothpick.

11 Flea trapper.

12 This button fastener.

13 Toothpicks.

14 These hats.

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