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16 People Reveal The Most Shocking Confessions About Flirting !

by Qunki Team | relationship and lovelife
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Helen Rowland has said, Flirting from a girls perspective is the gentle art of making a man pleased with himself. But some people cant flirt properly. Some of them are so poor at this that they dread facing such situations. Sometimes, they try to overact and get too excited, ultimately making a mockery of themselves in the end.

Here, we present 16 instances where people failed in hilarious ways while trying to flirt. They are great for a good laugh, but you should also note that you never repeat these mistakes if you ever face a similar situation.

1 Fruit in town

She should have thought about it first before saying anything.

2 Love her accent!

If you want to be a good flirter, you need to start learning the difference between speech impediments and accents.

3 Dick joke

You need to brush up your humour a bit, lady.

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4 Big potato

Well, that was hilarious!

5 Well that was embarrassingly bad.

But I am sure she has improved her flirting skills a lot by now.

6 Gay

She needs to work on her communication skills.

7 Feel sorry for the guy

She should have been a bit more careful.

8 Eel

How can someone even think of such a horrible line?

9 Avril Lavigne

Seems to be a big fan of her.

10 Poor girl

She doesnt even know her name!

11 Ears!

Even her crush has ears! Isnt that crazy?

12 Starbucks

Just finish your coffee properly the next time instead of flirting.

13 This is epic!

She wont flirt for a long time after this epic failure!

14 Kick in the nose

That must have hurt pretty bad.

15 No more bananas

Be a bit more careful while eating bananas the next time!

16 Air

I am pretty sure that everyone likes the oxygen in the air!

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