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10 Things That Happen In Your Life When Your Status Changes From Single To Relationship

by Qunki Team | relationship and lovelife
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Let us be together forever, you and me! Arent these loving verses open an entirely new chapter in our daily lives wherein we actually want to share our lives with someone who is very special? When you actually move in with your partner and start living under the same roof, it is completely a whole new world full of unique experiences out there for you. You are not at all unaccompanied to any further extent, and this actually means that you might have to transform your daily mundane lifestyles, and even your regime.

So, let us here see some of the funny pictures that we are sharing with you only to show how life actually transforms after you decide to move in together. I am very much sure that you will relate yourselves in at least a few of these mentioned here.

1 Mushy- mushy things often have the tendency to turn into something extremely monotonous.

2 Gone are those lovely times when you ever send that lovey dovey Good morning text to each other.

3 Your sense of getting dressed up actually undergoes a sea change.

4 Your pet soon starts liking your partner more than it likes you.

5 Whao!! You can now get to know the real side of his friends.

6 On the other hand, guys also get to know more about the wild cat group.

7 Watching horror movie seems no longer a lovely and exciting experience.

8 Waiting time seems to be increasing even more. Haa ha ha!! Well, that is a never-changing scenari

9 The heap of clothes keeps on increasing after burning a huge hole in your pocket. Really seems fu

10 Do you still remember those moments when you had to leave her and then say Goodbye with a heavy

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