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She Was Known As “The Most Beautiful Girl In The World”. See How She Looks Now After Several Years

by Qunki Team | celebrity and gossip
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We are talking about Thylane Blondeau, a young model from France. Child models have been subject to lots of controversies over the past years, and she too had to face such an issue. She was awarded the title of the most beautiful girl in the world in 2011. However, when she took part in an editorial for Vogue, her shoot led to a lot of discussions and controversies regarding child models.

Read on to know how she looks now.

1 Her parents

Football star, Patrick Blondeau and actress Veronika Loubry, are her parents, who took her to modeling when she was only 4!

2 She was one of the participants of the popular Jean Paul Gaultier Fashion Show.

This happened in the year 2005.

3 Her eyes look so beautiful.

Those sharp blue eyes and photogenic face ensured from her early days that she was going to be a huge success in the modeling industry.

With her piercing blue eyes and photogenic face, it was evident from the beginning she was a beauty!

4 Her early years

She never faced any controversies during her initial modeling career.

5 Up until this one

In one of her shoots for Vogue, her image was considered to be extremely sexualised which created a huge controversy.

6 According to psychologist Emma Grey,

This is not what a normal child should go through this incident shows how some childrens lives are ruined when they are shown the real world they are still not able to deal with unless there are adults around that child for proper guidance.

7 The Christian Charity

We are anxious about Blondeaus agency since it seems that they have no idea that she is not yet an adult, but only a child.

8 According to her mother

She admitted that she was quite shocked during the initial photo shoot. But she wasnt shocked because of her daughter; she was shocked because her daughter was wearing a necklace whose price was 3 million! She also said that she only accepts a quarter of the offers her daughter receives, because she wants her childhood to be normal like any other child.

9 Since she was so young at that time

She wasnt allowed to say whatever she wanted!

Blondeau didnt get the opportunity to say much!

10 She became quite popular on Instagram

And why wouldnt she be popular? She looks so gorgeous!

11 When she was only 14

She was seen on the books of IMG Models!

12 She is also an actor, apart from being a model.

She acted in the French film Belle & Sebastian.

13 She was asked in an interview whether she felt weird after becoming a model at such a young age.

She replied that she didnt feel that she was too young for modeling since Kate Moss began modeling when she was fifteen. She added that there are no issues at all if your agency is a good one.

14 When she attended Paris Fashion Week, W Magazine asked her what her plans were after the end of this event.


Her reply was a practical one she said she would go home, rest for a bit and then get prepared to go to school. Even though she is quite young, she knows what her primary duties are!

What do you think about this controversy? Was it justified? Do you think she is one of the most beautiful girls in the world? Let us know in the comments below. Hopefully you enjoyed this article, and dont forget to share this article with your friends and family.

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