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Does Eyesight Worsen Without Prescription Glasses?

by Qunki Team | lifestyle
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Wearing glasses that under-correct your eyes can potentially cause eye strain, and you are more likely to experience blurred vision. Children, in particular, that wear incorrect prescriptions are at risk of developing amblyopia (also known as 'lazy eye') and are at a greater risk of developing a squint as they get older.

While wearing eyeglasses, you can expect enhanced vision since glasses correct the refractive error or other vision issues. Some people falsely believe that wearing glasses causes the muscles around the eyes to atrophy or vision to worsen over time, but the opposite is true. Consumers interested in getting a pair of prescription glasses to improve eyesight should first understand that knowledge is power, and when it comes to your eyes, no steps should be overlooked in the process.

Prescription Glasses and Your Eyesight

Eyeglasses help people enhance their vision, with some people wearing glasses for reading things that are far away or for daily tasks such as driving. Prescription reading glasses are constructed for wearing extended periods and are ideal for people that suffer from astigmatism, myopia, serious eye ailments, or unequal prescription strengths in each eye.

Other people wear glasses only when they're performing an up-close activity, like writing, reading, or knitting. Although not wearing eyeglasses has not been scientifically proven to damage your eyes, you may experience some negative symptoms, with the severity depending on how old you are and the reasons as to why you need glasses.

If you are an adult that needs eyeglasses because of blurred vision, the decision to not wear glasses won't make your vision worse, but it makes eyes work harder, which can lead to common symptoms like headaches, squinting, and fatigue. Not wearing eyeglasses during your daily life can also lead to tripping or bumping into things, being unable to see things that are up close or far away (also known as near-sighted or far-sighted), or not being able to read or see things at night.

The warning signs may vary by your age and factor into the type of prescription glasses you ultimately decide on. Depending on how and when you need to use prescription glasses, some people may need more than one type of reading glass for daily use. For example, one lens power may be needed for reading things up close, while another power may be required for laptop usage. Experts warn that without the proper lens power, nausea and more symptoms can put overall health at risk.

How to Get Prescription Glasses

There are several ways to obtain reputable prescription glasses, and although there has been some debate over where to get reading glasses, it is possible to find the right ones online. If you want to try a pair out before deciding on a purchase, many sites also offer return or exchange policies for your assurance.

To get started, visit an optometrist and have your eyes thoroughly examined. Eyes should be checked at least once a year to ensure that adjustments to prescriptions are not necessary. During your visit, your eyes will be checked for common problems such as cataracts, glaucoma, and macular degeneration. You can then find progressive glasses online that fit your needs.

A Way of Life

Prescription glasses are a fact of life for many people, and before selecting a pair, there are a few things that must be done to ensure that you have the proper fit for your lifestyle. While some people may need only one pair of glasses for their day-to-day, others may find that a couple of pairs are necessary to get through their daily tasks.

You also may find certain styles that you prefer to wear for day and nighttime activities. Whatever your personal needs may be, follow through on all required points, and you will find prescription glasses that get the job done and are procured at affordable prices.

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