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17 Signs That Show You Have Never Ever Dated Before

by Qunki Team | relationship and lovelife
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Dating is not for everyone. It needs certain qualities. Check out some Signs That Show You Have Never Ever Dated Before

1 Is it Valentine’s day tomorrow? Who cares? To you it sounds nothing more than a regular day.

2 For you a token of affection like kiss is ‘insanitary exchange of germs and saliva’ and cuddling is like ‘unpleasant contact with a foul body odour’.

3 Long duration phone calls mean completely meaningless to you.

4 Day-dreaming about your latest celebrity crush is the one thing you enjoy the most.

5 There is considerate amount of change in the way you carry yourself or dress.

6 Your spirit is totally care-free.

7 Your idea of an ideal date is derived from a romantic movie.

8 You secretly smile when a complimented by the opposite sex.

9 You are amazed when your friends who are in a relationship tells you about their extravagant phone bill.

10 You feel awkward when new people from the opposite s3x try to hit on you.

11 Sometimes you feel jealous about the fact that people around you are in a relationship.

12 You always imagine yourself spending quality time with your imaginary lover.

13 Your inner devils are satisfied when you hear someone describing to you about the pangs of dating

14 You are hesitant in asking someone out.

15 You have clear set of rules, and dos and donts pre-defined for relationships.

16 You always wonder what it is to be like dating someone.

You have dreamed of all the places you would like to visit when you start dating someone.

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