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15 Celebrities Who Became Homeless after Being Famous

by Qunki Team | celebrities
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We live in a world where people from entertainment field we believe have the most successful and luxurious life. But ideally that is not true. There are so many Hollywood celebrities whose life was never how it was earlier. It can be harsh on so many people especially those who fall for the fast paced life and seek for something more always. At the end of the day, they are left with nothing but poor lifestyle and hard luck to deal with the career which draws them on the path of loneliness, depression and addiction as well. Might be that some of them have not even fallen for the addiction but surely depression made them a victim which eventually lead these multi-millionaires actors exactly opposite of what they were living earlier.

1. Sly Stone

With the big name, came a big fame in life of sly stone and there is no denial to the fact that in music industry he was on the top. But there came a point that Sly stone had to give up almost everything. There were so many houses in which Sly had made the investment. One of those was in also Napa valley. However, if you see Sly stone these days, lives on the streets of LA and has some van for his stay. His poor lifestyle along with his craving for the addiction made him what he is today nut surely his passion and love for music has not changed a bit.

2. John Drew Barrymore

You might have heard the famous Actress Drew Barry Barrymore who has always been a favorite of so many people. With the series of comedies and some of the great roles she has done so far, have you ever wondered from whom she had all these acting skills. Ewell, don’t be surprised to know that her father John Drew Barrymore was once a famous personality too. The action however, got into drug and alcohol addiction because of which he had to give up acting career. Eventually he later disappeared for so many months and was even reported to be in jail for drug abuse. Unfortunately, he left the world in year 2004 due to cancer.

3. Bobby Driscoll

One of the famous Disney’s popular child actors Bobby Driscoll had always been the favorite of many people for the animated classics. One of them was the Pater pan which even went him tow in the Juvenile Academy Award in 1950. But as he grew up, his struggle for being a teenager became more challenging as well. He became a victim of drugs and in fact he lost his stardom as well. He was almost seen wandering the New York streets. Unfortunately, he died a pauper when he was living in a deserted village in the east Village apartment block at the very young age around 31 years old.

4. Margot Kidder

You must have seen her in many movies and one of them well known was as Lois Lane in the first Superman movies where she was casted opposite Christopher Reeves. However, after that Margot kidder was never been seen in other movies or was her charm got attention of known directors. Unfortunately, there was a mishap that took place in the year 1990 because of which she became bankrupt and also could get work later. Being homeless and sleeping the cardboard boxes, her life turned extremely miserable until she was discovered by a Glendale resident.

5. Sugar Ray Williams

This guy was once a basketball player in 70 and 80’s. That was not it, his performance made him even the captain for the New York Knicks. But post his retirement, there were hard times which Williams had to go through. This led to nothing but bankruptcy, because of which he lost his family and home. He later worked at menial job as the groundskeeper at golf course and also as the maintenance man in New York. But due to colon cancer in the year 2013, he passed away.

6. Debbie Clark

One of the known names Debbie Clark is also categorized under the celebrities who became homeless. She was also a part of many shows and one of the well-known called American gladiators got her more famer. She was to compete with athletes in different games and performed Quiet well till there was an injury that occurred and hampered her career to a great extent. She was then working as the emotional trainer and even was performing as the country singer too. Later because of domestic violence, she stated living with her son separately on the streets until Embrace CEO Sean Sheppard in 2011 took care of them.

7. Randy Quaid

Actor Dennis Quaid elder brother randy Quaid was also a well-known personality. You might have seen him in some of the noteworthy films talking of which independence day was one of the. But as the years passed by, he had issues coming up every time and was in big trouble with laws too. Eventually he with his wife got arrested for not paying the hotel bill that amounted to around $ 10,000 and it is believed that they were already homeless. The couple was later found living the guest house that belonged to the property of someone else.

8. Natasha Lyonne

This famous personality had a notable feature in the American Pie where she was tara Reid’s best friend. But later after 2000’s came the bad phase in her life. She was then arrested for drunk and driving case. She also got evicted out of her home for not paying the rent on time. Later the result was obvious and which was she ended up being homeless and was found under the fake name to be living in the hospitals bed that were infected with hepatitis C. However, with a new lease of life through American Pie she got nominated again for an Emmy in a Comedy Series.

9. Alex Lambert

If you have noticed, Alex Lambert was American Idol semi-finalist who however is now a homeless and had been living in the car in LA. To become a singer, she came to New York but once the show got over, she then became a homeless struggling musician again which is why, he had to face a lot of problems too. Often times, he even stated in his tweets that he has to sleep behind the builds. However, he never gave up his dream to be musician in fact he had some of the great song written in the recent past as well.

10. Iran Barkley

Iran Barkley is a popular one who is also known as “The Blade” who has made a fortune from boxing and even earned more than $ 5 million. However, it fell on hard times after he got retired. He became broke and was with no job and later got evicted as well. He was also assisted by Ring 10 boxing charity and Bronx NGO to find a house to stay.

11. Houston McTear

He was once considered to be one of the fastest men on the earth and in fact he was equal led the world record of the 100 yards race in 9.0 seconds. He was still in the high that gained his popularity. He later made a career in the boxing training under the legendary Muhammad Ali and Harold Smith. But when there was an American boycott of the summer Olympics of 1980, unfortunately the career graph of McTear also fell down which lead him to taking more of drugs and became homeless too.

12. Danny Bonaduce

This guy was a known child actor who started his career at the age of itself. He was a popular character by the name of Danny Partridge in the TV show “The Partridge Family”. Once the show got over, he was left with no work which eventually took him to more of the drug in his teenage time. He was later seen being homeless but somehow he managed to get back on his track with his own radio show.

13. Rocky Lockridge

Rocky Lockridge was a well-known personality who gained fame after he defeated Roger Mayweather who then was never defeated even once. As he won, he gained the New WBA super championship. But after some decades he became prey to drugs and later once he got a stroke that actually knocked his career and he became homeless completely. He still expressed his desire to get back on track but the struggle will always be real.

14. Brett Butler

Brett Butler gained her popularity in her ABC comedy show “Grace under Fire. But as the show got over she was then finding it hard to deal with drug abuse and which is why she went to rehab. After she cancelled the show, she had to live on the farm with her 15 pets and later to the homeless shelter. She tried making a comeback in the CBS soap but the fame that she then had got is list and till current date she is managing to work in different TV shows like Anger Management, The Leftovers and How to Get Away with Murder.

15. Gary Glitter

This popular celebrity is a known British Singer and songwriter who in the seventies was a huge hit. But later he got arrested in UK in the year 1997 and 1999 and later his career started falling own too. He was even deported from Cambodia and Vietnam and later got convicted in the UK for attempted rape and assault in 2015where he received a sentence for 16 years. We can’t really say he is homeless as Jail is where he lives now.

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