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A Pet Leopard Gecko: Important Things to Consider Before You Get One

by Qunki Team | pets
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In today’s time, several different types of animals have become household pets and live happily with their human owners. One such animal is the popular leopard gecko, which is known to make great companions.

However, one common mistake most pet owners make is to ignore doing research about an exotic pet such as the leopard gecko before getting one. This can often be disastrous as such exotic pets often require special care.

So, here are some crucial things to consider before getting a pet leopard gecko.

1. Leopard Geckos & the Food They Eat

Leopard Geckos are reptiles that originated around the rocky, desert regions of the land and are known to be mild-tempered. They are not quick and agile. So, they are great even if you have smaller children in the house.

Furthermore, they are rarely aggressive towards humans and do not bite. Even if they do, you don’t need to be worried because they are not poisonous.

Although they may not seem like a lot of work, they can be a very large commitment. Hence, there are some things to consider before getting a pet leopard gecko. For instance, their diet is one of the major issues that you need to take care of.

Leopard geckos prefer eating live food. Mealworms, crickets, CalciWorms, waxworms, and roaches are all preferred food items to these lizards. You should also give these lizards Calci Dust and vitamins dusted on to their meals.

Furthermore, Dubia roaches are known to be incredible treats for your reptile friends. To find Dubia Roaches for sale, looking online should serve as a quick fix!

It is important that you are okay with feeding live creatures to the gecko as their entire diet consists mainly of them. Be sure to keep a good supply of live food for them and also feed them the right size of live food items.

2. Leopard Geckos are Long-Term Commitments

Another one of the many critical things to consider before getting a pet leopard gecko is its lifespan. These lizards may seem tiny and frail, but they can live up to 10 to 20 years! This makes them long-term companions that will not be dangerous for you .

Although it is great that your reptile companion can live so long, it also means that you will have to take care of them over a longer period as well.

If you have uncertainty in your life, regarding your long-term home or plans for traveling, or other similar issues, then you should think hard before deciding to get one.

Furthermore, they have the problem of shedding their skin as well. You need to be able to give them a proper place to shed in their little homes.

Additionally, warm baths are also important when they are shedding. You need to bathe them with lukewarm water for 5-10 minutes whenever they start shedding their skin.

3. Leopard Geckos Are Exotic Creatures That Need Exotic Vets

As you might already know, leopard geckos are not a pet you see on a daily basis. This makes them rare in domestic areas and so people rarely know the right things for them. This is one of the important things to consider before getting a pet leopard gecko.

Although it is true, that taking care of anything for the first time will be easy is a myth about animals that you should stop believing, leopard geckos need vets that are specially trained to take care of them, and finding them may take you traveling long distances.

If you catch signs of your pet getting sick, it's the best call to take them to a vet who is fit to take care of them. Vets for dogs and cats are easy to find, but leopard geckos are exotic creatures that need exotic vets and surgeons for their treatments. It is no surprise that with the shortage of capable doctors for them, the price for their treatment is also expensive.

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4. Consider Their Nature Before Getting One

Leopard geckos are calm and peaceful creatures and so, they are good for new owners with no prior experience. They should be held gently and not too high up. Otherwise, they might slip and get hurt.

Also, you should not touch them with unwashed hands as you can transfer bacteria to them. Hygiene is another one of the vital things to consider before getting a pet leopard gecko.

These geckos also need your help to inhabit an ideal temperature. You should use a heat mat and attach it to a thermostat so that you can stay in control of the temperature. The ideal temperature for the heat mats will be between 23-27 celsius.

Furthermore, leopard geckos are most active when it is late in the evening and during the hours of dusk and dawn. This means that they will mostly be asleep during the day and you should not disturb them during their resting period. After all, who wouldn't be upset to be woken up from a good nap?

These lizards can also detach their tails if they feel threatened and are grabbed by their tails. So be careful to avoid this and if it does end up occurring, then you should keep the tank clean and be wary of infections. You should also give them more food since the tail is their emergency fat storage and more food is required to make up for it.

In Conclusion

All in all, the most important of the things to consider before getting a pet leopard gecko is your own state. A gecko takes a lot of effort and commitment, so you should ask yourself if you are up to the task first. Otherwise, the lizard may not receive the treatment that it deserves.

You should also remember that discipline is a must when taking care of these little things. We hope that this article helped you learn important things about leopard geckos before you think to get one as a pet. Good Luck!


Are Leopard Geckos Good for Beginner Pet Owners?

These lizards are small and placid in nature, which makes them perfect as starter pets!

Do I Need to Get a Heat Lamp for a Leopard Gecko?

Leopard geckos cannot maintain their own temperature and so they need heat during the night, and both heat and light when the sun is up.

Will Leopard Geckos Not Eat Dead Insects?

No, leopard geckos will not eat dead insects and will only eat live ones.

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